Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager Enables Secure Data Exchange Platform for a Healthcare Customer 

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Customer Profile

The customer is a global pharmaceutical company. Its purpose is to make healthcare more accessible by providing world-class distribution and digital commercial services to support evolving healthcare needs. Established decades ago, the company is known for its commitment to integrity, trust, collaboration, passion for excellence, innovation, and personal growth. Their key business initiatives include research and development, manufacturing, global distribution, and partnerships with research institutions and healthcare professionals. 






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Business Challenge:


Business Challenge:

  • Risk of Unauthorized Access: Fragmented systems and duplicated data across various silos increase the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive patient data. Inconsistent protection levels across copies heighten the vulnerability to security breaches. Decentralized controls expose data to manipulation or corruption, affecting the accuracy and reliability of patient information.
  • Inadequate Data Encryption: Siloed systems lack standardized encryption practices, leaving healthcare data vulnerable during storage, transit, and processing. This inconsistency increases the risk of interception and unauthorized access, especially during data transfers.
  • Limited Visibility and Monitoring: Security protocols in separate silos complicate the implementation of unified security policies, hindering visibility into data activities. This lack of centralized monitoring delays the detection and response to potential security incidents or breaches.


  • Secure Enclaves for Comprehensive Data Protection: Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager (CCM) employs isolated hardware enclaves to protect sensitive data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity with complete transparency. These enclaves prevent unauthorized access, even by the operating system or hypervisor, providing robust Zero-Trust security.
  • Interoperable Secure Processing: Fortanix CCM ensures consistent security measures and facilitates unified encryption workflows across hybrid multicloud environments through its Key Management System (KMS). This enables secure data processing and key exchange, allowing authorized parties to utilize encrypted data without exposure to unauthorized entities. Common data pre-processing activities such as hashing are integrated with the KMS.
  • Efficient and Secure Data Collaboration: CCM facilitates rapid, collaborative data processing while preserving privacy for multiple parties by avoiding the exposure of sensitive information. Organizations can define, manage, and track data collaboration process flow along with privacy & security guardrails.

Why did they choose Fortanix?

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Fortanix offers the most complete solution for Confidential Computing – providing customers with the fastest and easiest path to protect their applications and data while in use.
Mature and well documented API


Fortanix makes it possible to enroll computing resources, in the cloud or on-premises, and deploy existing applications within a secure TEE in minutes.
Excellent pre- / post-sales support and onboarding

Cost Effective

This capability is unique and enables widespread adoption of Confidential Computing with no development or integration costs. And this was the promise that the BeeKeeperAI leadership identified in their initial discussions.
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