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Runtime Encryption ― A New Paradigm In Infrastructure Security

Fortanix™ uses Intel® SGX to create Runtime Encryption that protect themselves even when the infrastructure is compromised. Runtime Encryption creates a portable security core that decouples security from infrastructure, running signed applications in completely protected states.

Provable security

Hardware enforced cryptography keeps your applications and data isolated from all external threats. Fortanix keeps the system memory transparently encrypted using the primitives from Intel® SGX. Cryptography works around the clock to keep your sensitive assets provably secure.

Portable security

Fortanix creates a portable security core that travels with your applications wherever they run. Once integrated with Fortanix, your applications remain secure whether they run in remote, local, private, or public clouds.

Preventive security

Reduce your security spend by removing reactive security solutions. Fortanix delivers actively orchestrated defense that brings unprecedented levels of protection for applications.

Decouple Security and Infrastructure

Traditional security solutions have long tried to create a safe and clean infrastructure for applications to operate in. Despite an accumulation of complex countermeasures and heightened vigilance, organizations remain vulnerable. The verdict is in - the traditional solutions have failed.

Infrastructure security has become inevitably chaotic due to the complexity of the digital supply chain and advanced attacks including fileless malware, APTs, internal lapses, and malicious insiders. Fortanix provides security where it matters – to the applications – without making any assumptions about the infrastructure.

Privacy from 
Cloud Provider
Run your applications securely in any cloud. The service provider or cloud provider will have no access to your data.
Control and Visibility
Retain cryptographic control and visibility into the trust model of your applications.
RESTful APIs to enable developers to easily integrate Fortanix technology with applications natively.
Cryptographic security
All your data and keys are always cryptographically protected with Intel® SGX.
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