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Data Security FAQs

Key & Secrets Management

What is Encryption Key Management?What is Secrets Management? What is a Centralized Key Management System? What is Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)? What is a Credentials Management System? What is Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)? What is a Symmetric Key? What is an Asymmetric Key? What is Key Lifecycle Management?

Multi-Cloud Data Security

How do I move my existing data security controls from On-Prem to the Cloud? How do I protect data as I move and store it in the Cloud? How do I ensure the cloud provider does not access my data?Can I use my encryption keys in the Cloud?How do I enforce data residency policies in the Cloud and comply with GDPR? How do I track and monitor data access and usage in the Cloud? Can I secure containers in the cloud or across different clouds? What is the Shared Security Model? What is multi-cloud key management?

Google External Key Manager Service (EKM)

What is Google Cloud’s External Key Manager Service?How does Google Cloud’s External Key Manager work?What are the benefits of Key provenance in Google EKM? What are the benefits of Key centralization in Google EKM?What are the benefits of Key control in Google EKM?How Do You Decide When and How Can Your Data Be Decrypted? What are the requirements when implementing External Key Management? What are the Service integrations and technical considerations in Google EKMWhich GCP services are supported by Fortanix DSM? How Is Google EKM Available with Fortanix Integration? How does international data transfer from Europe work with Fortanix?

AWS External Key Store

What is the AWS KMS eXternal Key Store (XKS) service? How does AWS XKS with Fortanix DSM work? What are the benefits of AWS XKS and Fortanix Integration?What are the benefits of Key provenance in AWS XKS?What are the benefits of Key centralization in AWS XKS?What are the benefits of Key control in AWS XKS?Which AWS cloud services are supported by AWS KMS External Key Store? How can AWS XKS integrate with Fortanix DSM? How does international data transfer from Europe work with Fortanix? How does Fortanix DSM as XKS affect KMS service reliability and performance? What is the latency of the XKS service offered by DSM SaaS? Do AWS Services cache Data Encryption Keys serve by AWS KMS? For how long?

Code Signing, Certificates, Stamping

What is a Digital Certificate?What is a Certificate Authority?What is Code Signing?What is a Digital Signature?What is Time Stamping?

Public Key Infrastructure

What is PKI?What is the role of Certificate Authorities (CAs)?What is certification authority or root private key theft? What is inadequate separation (segregation) of duties for PKIs? What is insufficient scalability in a PKI?What is a subversion of online certificate validation?What is a lack of trust and non-repudiation in a PKI?


What is Storage Encryption?What is Network Encryption?What is Transparent Encryption?What is End-to-End Encryption?What is Point-to-Point Encryption?What is Application Layer Encryption?What is Tokenization?What is Dynamic Masking?What is Data at Rest?What is Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) and What are Self-Encrypting Drives (SED)?What is data center interconnect (DCI) layer 2 encryption?

Hardware Security Module

What is a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?How a Hardware Security Module (HSM) works?How are keys and other sensitive data stored and managed in an HSM?What are the compliance standards that an HSM must meet?What is HSM SaaS?How does HSM SaaS differ from physical HSMs?How does an HSM SaaS protect against tampering and unauthorized access in a cloud environment?What are the benefits of using HSM SaaS?How does HSM SaaS ensure the security of sensitive data?Can HSM SaaS be used with existing systems and processes?How does HSM SaaS ensure the availability and reliability of sensitive data?Who can benefit from using HSM SaaS?What is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM

Zero Trust Architecture

What is Zero Trust Architecture in data security?Why are traditional approaches to protecting data not effective anymore?According to NIST, what are the key principles of Zero Trust Architecture?What are some popular ways of implementing Zero Trust Architecture?What are the considerations when implementing Zero Trust cryptography?Why do you need Zero Trust security in the cloud? How does Zero Trust Architecture solve today's challenges in cloud security?How does confidential computing enhance Zero Trust?

Confidential Computing

What is Confidential Computing?What are the origins Of Confidential Computing?What companies are driving the adoption of Confidential Computing?How does Confidential Computing protect data?What are the benefits of using Confidential Computing?How does Confidential Computing help with regulatory compliance requirements?Who Needs Confidential Computing?What are some examples of Confidential Computing use cases?

IoT Security

Why Is Device Authentication Necessary for the IoT?Why Is Code Signing Necessary for IoT Devices?What is IoT PKI?

Enterprise Key Management

What is enterprise key management?Why is enterprise key management important?What are the benefits of using Enterprise Key Management for cloud data security?What are the challenges in enterprise key management?How does enterprise key management work?What are some best practices for enterprise key management?Can enterprise key management be integrated with existing systems?What are the compliance considerations for enterprise key management?Can enterprise key management recover encrypted data if a key is lost?How does enterprise key management address cloud and multi-cloud environments?Are there industry standards for enterprise key management?


What is Tokenization?Why should I care about Tokenization? What are the various methods of tokenization? What is the advantage of Tokenization over Traditional Static or Dynamic Data Masking? What is the advantage of Tokenization over Database encryption? What is the optimal point in the data lifecycle to tokenize sensitive data?  What is Card Tokenization?How does card tokenization work?How does tokenization make online payments more secure?What is network tokenization?

Post Quantum Cryptography

What is the quantum risk and its impact on data security?What are the implications of data sensitivity vs time?When will quantum computing pose a threat to encryption methods?Which protocols and certificates may become vulnerable in the post-quantum era?How can enterprises prepare data security strategies for the post-quantum era?Do current cloud platforms support post-quantum algorithms?What is the concept of cryptographic agility?How does cryptographic agility impact risk management for enterprises?Why is data classification important in the context of post-quantum readiness?How does crypto agility affect disaster recovery planning and insurance costs?What is the technical impact of post-quantum agility on organizations?How does Fortanix DSM help achieve cryptographic agility?What features does Fortanix DSM offer for key lifecycle management in PQC implementation?How does Fortanix DSM facilitate integration with leading applications in PQC implementation?

Data Security FAQs

Databases, transactions, communications, infrastructure, transactions, knowledge—an organization’s data is arguably its most valuable asset. It’s imperative for businesses to keep its data safe, regardless of legal or regulatory requirements.

With a rich set of capabilities, the Fortanix Data Security Manager is architected for a more unified approach to the data security lifecycle. It combines best-in-class data security capabilities with operational simplicity and flexibility. This Q&A offers brief, accurate definitions of key terms in each of these areas of digital security practice, as well as links for further reading.