Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM)
Unified Data Security Platform

Minimize expensive data breaches and accelerate regulatory compliance with a data-first approach to cybersecurity 
DSM Platform

The Fortanix Differentiation 

Confidential Computing


Hardware-backed secure enclaves to protect data-in-use with the Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager

Highest Industry Certifications

Highest Industry Certifications

Certifications include FIPS 140-2 Level 3, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, CIS and SOC-2 Type 2

DSM Accelerator


Accelerate performance of latency-sensitive applications and support high transaction volumes

REST APIs and Confidential Plugins

REST APIs and Confidential Plugins

OpenAPI v3.0 to automate secure development with over 125+ ecosystem integrations

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HSM and HSM Gateway

HSM and
HSM Gateway

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs to unify and manage end-to-end key lifecycle management and legacy HSMs

Saas and On-Premises

Saas and

Rapidly deploy a highly scalable SaaS solution, or opt for a virtual or physical appliance

Policy-Based Enforcement


Enforce least privilege data access with RBAC, Quorum controls, and immutable logging

Confidential Al


Unlock the power of securely unifying private data and Al models with Confidential Computing

Did you know?

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Fortanix DSM does not store any customer data and offers the highest level of privacy and protection.

Zero Trust Solutions Powered by
Confidential Computing
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Enterprise Key Management

Consolidate administration of cryptographic keys across the enterprise

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Data Masking and Tokenization

Tokenize sensitive data early and once to keep it private, portable, and compliant

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Secrets Management

Securely store, control, and manage secrets to “shift-left” in software delivery lifecycles

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Secure DevOps with Code Signing

Manage cryptographic keys and certificates for leading code signing tools

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Confidential Data Search

Search for regulated data in encrypted databases at scale

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Post Quantum Cryptography

Rapidly migrate to quantum-proof cryptographic algorithms

Flexibility To Deploy via SaaS or On-Premises

Flexibility To Deploy

Consume as SaaS

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 backed service
  • Rapid deployment and global scale

Virtual Appliance

  • Instant KMS
  • Infinite scalabilty

On-prem Appliance

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 appliance
  • Native clustering & management

Industry-Leading, Multi-Tenant SaaS
Scaling to Billions of Transactions

Dedicated Regions To Meet Data Sovereignty and Regulatory Compliance Requirements
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Did you know?

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The Fortanix DSM SaaS offering is purpose-built for the modern era to simplify and scale data security deployments. It is protected by FIPS 140-2 Level 3 confidential computing hardware and delivers the highest security and performance standards. The DSM accelerator is an optional add-on to achieve the highest performance for latency-sensitive applications.

Accelerate Business Outcomes With
Security at the Speed of Business

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Trusted execution environments powered by Confidential Computing encrypt and secure data whatever its state: at rest, in motion and in use

Centralized key management with discovery, visibility, command control, policy enforcement and reporting empowers data, security and DevOps teams to increase productivity and business impact

Industry-leading SaaS, advanced HSMs, and innovative security controls combine to deliver performance at scale while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO)

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Centralized Management and
Policy-Based Enforcement

A Single System of Record and Pane of Glass for Crypto Policy, Key Lifecycle Management, and
Auditing in a Scalable SaaS Solution That Makes Data Security a Breeze.
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125+ Ecosystem Integrations Deliver
the “Easy Button” for Rapid Rollout

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Take us for a Test Drive or Start
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Choose from two flavors of the Fortanix Data Security Manager
DSM Explorer DSM Enterprise
Ideal for Small-sized teams and mid-market organizations to explore limited set of data security use-cases and prove time to value quickly Fully-featured edition with the industry’s broadest set of features for enterprise and government organizations
Deployment SaaS SaaS / On-premises
Use-cases Tokenization Google EKM AWS XKS BYOK – AWS BYOK – Microsoft Azure Client-side Encryption No restrictions
Sales engagement Self-Service Recommended
Support Basic Support Multi-tier support
Cost FREE   GET STARTED Based on features 30-DAY TRIAL


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