Fortanix for Data Teams

Ensure data privacy and drive global regulatory compliance. 

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Why Fortanix for Data Teams 

Enable safe data sharing.

Ensure data privacy

Ensure data privacy  

Keep sensitive data private and compliant as it travels through data pipelines and workflows.  

Upkeep compliance

Upkeep compliance 

Leverage the highest industry certifications and gain control over policies, access, and assets.   

Centralize governance

Centralize governance 

Manage and apply data security policies across all environments from a central console.  

Use cases for Data Teams 

Adhere to Regulations 

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Data Privacy in Public Cloud 

Learn how to layout a strategy for protecting private data in the public cloud. 

Data sovereignty   

Learn how University of Groningen achieves European data sovereignty and data compliance. 

Data and runtime encryption 

Fortanix delivers deterministic security solutions for your most valuable digital assets using Runtime Encryption. 

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Safe Data Sharing 

Secure Snowflake Data Cloud  

Hear best practices for synthesizing and securing Snowflake data to power confidential data sharing.  

Fortanix Tokenization 

Discover industry-first SaaS data security and privacy platform, powered by Confidential Computing, that keep sensitive data private and compliant. 

Anonymize sensitive data 

Read the white paper to understand the role of tokenization when sharing data across applications and pipelines.   

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