Fortanix for Google Cloud Platform

Experience enhanced control, security, and authority over your data and cryptographic keys for Google Cloud Platform with Google External Key Management and Client-Side Encryption.

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As organizations construct multi-cloud frameworks and slide data across various cloud platforms—they have little to no control over the CSP’s data security and key management practices. Not surprisingly, these limitations present severe security and compliance risks. Hence, businesses must advance beyond cloud-vendor-specific data security solutions. And that is precisely what Google is trying to achieve with Google External Key Manager and Google Client-Side Encryption.
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What we do

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External key management
Encrypt data in Google cloud using encryption keys stored outside the cloud. Enforce access to data at rest for BigQuery and Compute Engine.
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Control full key lifecycle
Maintain full control and visibility into key creation, location, and distribution of cloud keys.
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Unified data protection
Perform broad cryptographic operations and key management operations, including key generation, key import, key rotation, key derivation, encryption, decryption, signing, verification, tokenization, and masking.
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Runtime Encryption® Protection
Runtime Encryption® Technology plugin uses Intel® SGX Secure Enclave technology to protect data always.

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  • Fortanix DSM SaaS offers Key Management, Encryption, HSM, Secrets Management & Tokenization. The solution supports all use cases and professional services.
  • The solution is available as a Private (custom) offer ONLY!
  • Customers can use their Google Cloud Billing credits for the purchase.

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Simplified and centralized encryption

Fortanix with Google Cloud’s External Key Manager provides a single, simple, and centralized encryption platform that accelerates moving applications to public cloud, while also providing a single set of cryptographic services to on-premises, hybrid, and cloud workload.

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No access to plain-text content

Your Google Workspace data gets encrypted in the browser before taking off to the Google servers. If Google needs access to this data, it will need explicit customer authorization on a per-file basis.

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Meet compliance requirements

Fortanix offers a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified appliance, to store the cloud keys on-premises and enabling financial services, healthcare, and other regulated industries to meet compliance requirements.

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Key provenance

Control the location and distribution of your Google Workspace keys.

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Unmatched Scalability

Collaborate and scale globally over Google Workspace with zero worries of keys storage location and management. Keys are never cached on Google cloud and access can be revoked anytime

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