Fortanix for Security Teams

Maintain greater security, compliance,
and control over data. 

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Why Fortanix for Security Teams 

Secure data across the enterprise.

Mitigate risk of data breach

Mitigate risk of data breach 

Secure data and assets across on-premises, hybrid, and public clouds with a unified platform of data security solutions. 

Accelerate compliance

Accelerate compliance

Leverage the highest industry certifications and gain control over policies, access, and assets.

Advance security operations

Advance security operations

Eliminate siloed tools, optimize TCO, and increase productivity of your talent to transform operations.  

Use cases for Security Teams 

Key Management Services 

 integrated kms and hsm

Integrated KMS and HSM 

Learn how Goldman Sachs applies strong encryption mechanisms and key ownership to maintain control of their data and migrate to the cloud.

Mutlicloud key management

Mutlicloud key management 

See a demo of how PayPal uses Fortanix to retain possession and control over Google Cloud keys 

maintain key sovereignty

Maintain key sovereignty 

See how Fortanix helps elevate data privacy, sovereignty, and compliance in the AWS cloud. 

Fortify Security Operations 

Zero Trust Principles to Data Security

Zero Trust Principles for Data Security 

Implement the data pillar recommendations of the Zero Trust Maturity Model from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Preparing for Post-Quantum Cryptography

Prepare for Post-Quantum Cryptography 

Deep dive into the world of quantum computing, its looming threats, and the crucial steps to take to safeguard your sensitive information.

HSM Modernization

HSM Modernization

Consider a methodical approach to implement a unified data security platform that immediately “plugs the gaps” in data security.

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