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Embed security and
data privacy in your applications and agile development lifecycles.

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Why Fortanix for AppDev Teams 

Secure you SLDC and accelerate innovation.

Enable secure DevOps

Enable secure DevOps 

Centralize management of keys, secrets, and certificates for code signing to deliver secure applications.  

Anonymize sensitive data

Protect sensitive data 

Apply Format Preserving Encryption to tokenize sensitive data at ingestions and enable safe data usage across applications. 

Automate and integrat

Automate and integrate 

Leverage readily available REST APIs and SDKs to boost quality and productivity. 

Use cases for AppDev Teams 

Application Security 

Protect your secrets

Protect your secrets 

Securely store, control, and manage secrets outside the source code. 

Cryptographically sign code

Cryptographically sign code 

Verify the authenticity and integrity of applications without slowing down the SDLC process. 

Secure blockchain apps

Secure blockchain apps   

Remove barriers to successful enterprise blockchain deployments 

Safe data usage 


Fortanix Tokenization 

Discover industry-first SaaS data security and privacy platform, powered by Confidential Computing, that keep sensitive data private and compliant. 


Anonymize sensitive data 

Read the white paper to understand the role of tokenization when sharing data across applications and pipelines.   

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