Data-First, Zero-Trust Security for Critical Government Data 

Fortanix employs a zero-trust, data-first approach, fortified by the power of confidential computing ensuring unparalleled protection against evolving threats.

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Data, is ubiquitous, stashed away in various locations both on-premises and in the cloud. This results in key sprawl and siloed key stores, increasing the complexity of securing data, especially sensitive or regulated data. The lack of visibility across data makes it even harder to assess data risks and implement proactive remediation.

The traditional "castle and moat" approach to cybersecurity, relying on strong network perimeters has been the norm for most federal agencies. This approach also falls short for a couple of reasons: 

Increasing data breaches

According to a new report , data breaches at local, state and federal agencies over the past eight years cost governments some $26 billion. U.S. government agencies face a constant barrage of cyberattacks from criminals, foreign governments, and even insiders. Even the strongest perimeter can be breached. Once inside, attackers have free rein over the data.  

Data is pervasive

Federal data isn't just in secure buildings anymore. It's in the cloud, on laptops, and accessible through various applications. Perimeter defenses can't protect everything. 
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A "data-first" approach flips the script. Here, the focus is on securing the data itself, regardless of location. This includes encryption, key posture management, zero-trust based access controls, and securing data across its lifecycle-at rest, in motion and in use. This way, even if a perimeter is breached, the data itself remains protected. 

Why Fortanix? 

Fortanix brings a unique, data-centric approach to security. Our innovative data security and privacy platform, powered by confidential computing technology, ensures data is secured, whether it is at rest, in transit, or in use, across on-prem, hybrid and multicloud environments. 

Unified Data Security

Unified data security

The Fortanix Data Security Manager™ (DSM) platform delivers a new approach to data security that simplifies identifying at-risk services, assessing policy and compliance gaps, and remediating with multiple data security capabilities like Key Management, Encryption, Tokenization and Secrets Management all from a single pane of glass.

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Key posture management for On-prem, hybrid/multicloud

Key posture management

Fortanix Key Insight automatically discovers encryption keys and data services across the silos created by perimeter-focused security in On-prem, hybrid multicloud environments. A unified dashboard shows the mapping of keys and data services and provides details of cryptographic security posture. With this insight, Federal agencies get increased awareness of the most pressing data security and compliance risks and can quickly implement corrective actions to improve the cryptographic security posture and track the progress.

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Zero-trust for data

Zero-trust for data

Deploy consistent and granular data access policies based on least privileged access principles or Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and apply administrative guardrails with Quorum Controls to enhance Zero Trust strategies.

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PQC Quantum ready

Post-Quantum ready

Fortanix makes it easy to see how your data is secured now, how to prioritize the next steps to quantum-proof your data, and how to execute your strategy. Fortanix Key Insight enables proactive, continuous mitigation of data exposure risks. The solution provides crypto agility to quickly transition to a more robust cryptographic security posture and prepare for the post-quantum era.

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Our Solutions

Post Quantum Cryptography

Post Quantum Cryptography

Prevent quantum computers from breaking the encryption and exposing your sensitive data.

HSM Modernization

HSM Modernization

Modernize legacy HSM infrastructure with a seamless transition to unified, scalable, and cloud-first data security.

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confidential computing

Confidential Computing

Hardware-backed secure enclaves to protect data-in-use with the Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager

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Key Outcomes fortanix-logo
Accelerate digital transformation  As per CSIS, spending on cloud tools by Federal agencies was about 12 billion USD in 2023 and set to rise. The cloud is empowering but it’s also a double-edged sword. With cloud comes the challenges of rising data breaches and struggles to meet compliance regulations.   Fortanix enables secure cloud migration in Federal agencies through comprehensive data control features such as Customer-Owned Encryption and Granular Access Controls. Discover, assess, and remediate data security risks across hybrid multicloud environments with Fortanix Key Insight. 
Fortify national security   The rise of nation-state cyber-attacks poses a substantial risk to governments. These attacks, carried out by well-resourced and expert state-sponsored groups, lead to exposure of classified data, disrupt critical infrastructure, and undermine national security. Fortanix prioritizes data exposure management and delivers a new approach to data security that simplifies identifying at-risk services, assessing policy and compliance gaps, and remediating with multiple data security capabilities. 
Government security compliance  Government handles large volumes of sensitive data. It requires adherence to major security compliance regulations such as FISMA, NIST 800-53, FIPS (up to level 3), and Common Criteria/ Framework. Additionally, government agencies must comply with FedRAMP as data is increasingly moved to the cloud. Depending on the specific agency, HIPAA-HITECH and PCI DSS may also be of importance.    Fortanix provides built-in privacy capabilities (Confidential Computing, Tokenization, Data Masking etc.) to greatly reduce risk and improve compliance. 
Comply with white house executive order  The White House has prioritized improving national cybersecurity with Executive Order 14028. The order pushes federal agencies to adopt secure cloud services and implement a "Zero Trust" security model, where every user and device must be continuously verified. The order sets a new standard for data protection.    With Fortanix, organizations can successfully implement a zero-trust framework across distributed data and applications in hybrid and multicloud environments and achieve full control of their data. 


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