Fortanix delivers deterministic security solutions for your most valuable digital assets using
Runtime Encryption®.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions


FIPS 140-2

The Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 is a U.S security standard for cryptographic modules that many organizations are mandated to meet. Fortanix Data Security Manager is designed to conform to FIPS 140-2 compliance.
TM: A Certification Mark of NIST, which does not imply product endorsement by NIST, the U.S. or Canadian Governments

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GDPR requires a people, process and technology approach. Organizations will need to align their legal, operational, and business processes. Encryption and key management technologies have a fundamental role to play, and Fortanix Data Security Manager delivers this with unparalleled simplicity.

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Schrems II Ruling

The Schrems II ruling invalidated the EU-US Privacy shield and other prior laws that are similar like Safe Harbor, and ruled that it did not adequately protect EU citizens’ data as per EU General Data Protection (GDPR) regulations when PII data flows between the European Union and United States. What this essentially means is that companies residing in the EU now need to take measures on their own to protect the confidential customer data and are no longer protected from liability. Fortanix offers comprehensive Data Protection Platform for GDPR compliance post Schrems II.

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