Announcing Fortanix Data Security Manager as a Service

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Ambuj Kumar
Published:Jul 29, 2021
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It’s a dangerous world for data. At a time when cyber risks are higher than ever organizations are grappling with a severe shortage of skilled manpower to handle their data security infrastructure and stuck with legacy security solutions that were never designed to integrate with the modern, dynamic environment of cloud and DevOps.

All of this is why I’m excited about today’s announcement of a better way solve to these challenges: Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS, a comprehensive data security solution delivered as a service. 

DSM SaaS provides the full proven capabilities of the Fortanix on-premises solution and is the first and only multicloud data security service certified to the rigorous FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security standard. 

DSM SaaS lets organizations opt for a new service-based model that makes data security simpler to deploy, easy to manage and above all, more cost-effective. Like all Fortanix offerings DSM SaaS offers the easiest path for organizations to achieve the highest levels of data security for public cloud, SaaS, hybrid cloud, and on-premises applications.

Many of the advantages of DSM SaaS are a direct result of the underlying solution and service architecture. DSM SaaS offers broad set of data security capabilities from a single integrated solution that includes secure key management, tokenization, cloud key management, secrets management, encryption and HSM services without the burden of managing separate infrastructures and application stacks.

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 “Pay-as-you-grow” pricing means that customers can start with just what they need for a particular data security use case and then grow from there. A complete set of APIs keeps things simpler through easy integration with new and existing applications.

While this service is new to Fortanix, it is in fact the result of years of development and testing in partnership with Equinix to create and deliver Equinix SmartKey. SmartKey has now been added to DSM SaaS, which means that DSM SaaS is already running from 15 data centers around the world, allowing customers to select the global footprint that best matches their requirements.

Here are some important highlights of the service:

  • Comprehensive data security: Cloud-friendly encryption, key management, and tokenization​ from a single integrated platform provides comprehensive data security.

  • Accessible at a click of a button: FIPS 140-2 level 3 Next generation HSM at a click of a button. The service can be accessed publicly via the cloud privately via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™). 

  • Centralized management: Centralized web-based UI with enterprise -level access controls and single sign-on support.  

  • Secured execution of crypto operations: Secured with Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) and Fortanix Runtime Encryption, DSM SaaS ensures customers remain in complete control over keys and secrets.

  • Cloud and DevOps friendly: Powerful RESTful APIs make it easy for developer and DevOps teams to use and integrate data security into their applications.

  • Highly resilient, distributed architecture: Platform supports a multiple cluster architecture. For each cluster (Americas, EU, UK etc) there are 3 physically isolated data centers to improve availability and reduce latency within the geo.

Undoubtedly, we are living in an All-SaaS world with most organizations today running on SaaS applications and cloud. And those which are still on-premises are slowly transitioning to cloud and SaaS.

What this means is that organizations now need to support and utilize data and keys across multiple services and at the same time also retain control over the data.

Data security architecture needs to be infinitely scalable and offer elasticity that matches the agility of the new SaaS and cloud-based infrastructure. With SaaS based data security, it is easier to integrate with apps, IT infrastructure and services. 

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If DSM SaaS sounds like something that would be useful to your organization, I invite you to try it out for yourself. To celebrate the launch of DSM SaaS Fortanix offering free 30-day trials of the service. I hope you will be impressed by what you see.

Try out Fortanix DSM SaaS Now!

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