Equinix Collaboration to launch SmartKey™ Beta program

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Anand Kashyap
Published:Nov 28, 2017
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Earlier this year, Fortanix launched a radical new technology based on Intel® SGX, delivering Runtime Encryption® to protect applications and data in use. Fortanix created the first application leveraging this technology – a key management and cryptography solution that provides hardware security module (HSM)-grade security with software-like flexibility. The solution is built on a web-scale architecture, designed for modern cloud environments, and lends itself nicely to flexible consumption models, in-particular as a cloud-based service.

Partnership with Equinix to Extend the Reach of our Solution

Today, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Equinix to launch the Equinix SmartKey™ public beta program, the industry’s first HSM-as-a-Service. Fortanix collaborated with Equinix to develop a multi-site, multi-tenant, horizontally scalable service. We offer customers a cloud-independent, key management and cryptography service hosted on Platform Equinix™, Equinix’s global interconnection and data center platform. Customers benefit from strong SLAs backed by the world-class infrastructure and connectivity from Equinix.

SmartKey supports enterprise-wide keys and policies with synchronization capabilities that break not just traditional enterprise silos but work seamlessly across hybrid and multicloud environments. Organizations can use the SmartKey service to secure sensitive cloud and legacy applications, including digital payments, PKI systems, IoT applications, manufacturing, and remote TLS terminations.

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Unmatched Security with Unparalleled Simplicity

Fortanix has been collaborating with Intel on Fortanix’s Runtime Encryption® technology that utilizes Intel SGX and keeps keys and data completely protected while in use from external and internal threats, OS-level hacks and network intruders. SmartKey, powered by Fortanix, is purpose built to address both security and compliance. Traditional HSMs, while designed to meet compliance requirements, begin to lose their security properties when used in clustered deployments or in public clouds. SmartKey is designed with all the core functionalities implemented inside Intel SGX enclaves. Access control, key generation, cryptographic operations, user and application authentication, and audit logging are all done in a protected environment.

The best part of this collaboration with Equinix is that all these capabilities are offered with the ease and speed of one click. SmartKey provides central management and support for a variety of interfaces including RESTful APIs, PKCS#11, JCE and CNG that make it easy to integrate with new or existing applications. We ensure that the service scales to your business needs and is always-on with built-in high availability and disaster recovery.

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Securing your Applications and Data in AWS Public and Hybrid Clouds

Whether you are creating containerized cloud-native applications in AWS or have workloads that span the data center and AWS Cloud, SmartKey provides you with seamless access and control to your cryptographic keys. Equinix also provides private and secure interconnection options to SmartKey using AWS Direct Connect and the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Visit the Equinix booth #2213 at the AWS re:Invent 2017 in Las Vegas where we are showing how SmartKey helps you secure your keys and data in AWS Public and Hybrid cloud.

We will also be presenting a session, “Automate and Control your Keys for the (Hybrid) World – Best Practices in AWS,” at the re:Invent conference, on Thursday, Nov. 30 at 12:00 PM in the Venetian, Level 1, Expo Hall Theatre.

Register for the public SmartKey beta program 

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