Here comes the RSA 2.0. Will RSA be 'Better' this year?

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Rosanne DeSimone
Published:Jan 30, 2019
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Fortanix @ RSA® Conference 2019 - Booth #4518

How many years have you attended the RSA Security Conference? If you are a veteran conference goer, I’ll bet you know to grab the free bag at the entrance and use it to stash your favorite tchotchkes as you avoid booth staff pitching you marketing fluff. However, if you are a true security professional searching for that innovative technology that will help your business stay out of the headlines due to a data breach, come talk to us at booth #4518, we’re Fortanix.

There’s a saying in the InfoSec world, encryption is easy, key management is hard. And, the more you encrypt, the more keys you need to manage.

To quote Fortanix VP, Tammy Schuring, "there is a tsunami of keys coming."

Tsunami of keys

Fortanix @ RSA® Conference 2019 - Booth #4518

So, get your tote bag ready, because this year the RSA Conference is happening March 4th-8th in San Francisco. The Conference is about bringing cybersecurity professionals together to empower the collective “we” in the industry. And, this year’s theme is simply ‘Better’. Our young company, Fortanix, will have our first booth, #4518, and we look forward to talking to real Security pros about protecting keys and data regardless of where applications are deployed (AND, I understand that our booth will have some fun tchotchkes, too!)

Fortanix RSA 2018 Innovation SandBox Runner Up

Last year, Fortanix was named as the 2018 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest “Most Innovative Startup” runner-up at RSA. Have a look at our three-minute pitch demonstrating our groundbreaking security technology to the broader RSA Conference community.

Fortanix Fortanix DSM resolves the known pains of data encryption and is the world’s first integrated key-management, HSM and tokenization service. Fortanix DSM is capable of delivering TDE and KMIP-based cryptographic services to thousands of databases, data-warehouse instances and apps, in any number of environments and locations. Fortanix DSM offers incredibly simple central management, server-side load balancing, central tamper-proof logging, RESTful APIs, and plugins to run custom code.

In other words, Fortanix DSM is simply ‘Better’.

This year we would like to invite you to our booth #4518 at the upcoming RSA Conference to see our Demos of Fortanix DSM, BYOK in AWS, and Runtime Encryption. In addition, we will be in Intel’s booth (#6173). Intel is also hosting a special live presentation of Fortanix CEO, Ambuj Kumar, and Byton CISO, David Tsao at 1:30pm on the 5th and 6th.

Finally, we will also be in Equinix’s booth (#3305) – Equinix SmartKey™, a global SaaS-based, secure key management and cryptography service offered on cloud-neutral Platform Equinix™ is powered by Fortanix. If it feels as if Fortanix is everywhere, it is because we’d really like to meet you!

What are you going to expect in next RSA conference?

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Come visit us on RSAC2019!

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