International Women’s Day - Let’s Inspire, Empower & Change

nida ateeq fortanix
Nida Ateeq
Published:Mar 8, 2021
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Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day and here at Fortanix, women are unstoppable. Whether it is engineering, sales, marketing, product, or design, it is difficult to find a field where they have not set their foothold.

Along with excelling in the professional arena, let us not forget how they also balance their personal life and nurture a family. A progressive woman is an inspiration for society and what better occasion to celebrate her achievements than International Women’s Day itself!

fortanix celebrates international women's day

Meet our Sheroes!

nithya ramakrishnan fortanix

Nithya Ramakrishnan, Senior Technical Writer, India

Role at Fortanix: I work in the UX Team with a drive to innovate and deliver high quality product documentation that help engage readers and motivate them to learn more about our products.

Why do you like working at Fortanix: Fortanix is a fast-moving company with a great culture and equal opportunities for all. What I love the most about working here is the collaborative environment. The whole team works together to make everything happen.

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kate schell fortanix

Kate Schell, Senior Manager of Supply Chain & Logistics, United States

Role at Fortanix: I run the supply chain and logistics function at Fortanix. This means I have ownership over all things hardware related, from building our product all the way to delivering hardware to our customers.

Why do you like working at Fortanix: Working at Fortanix every day is different, making it a constant adventure. I am surrounded by smart, hardworking, individuals that all push full force to help each other and our customers.

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Natasha Ernest fortanix

Natasha Ernest, Project Manager, India

Role at Fortanix: I am responsible for managing and communicating deliverables, risks, project timelines, and issues within our customer success organization.

Why do you like working at Fortanix: I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.

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chavi puri fortanix

Chavi Puri, Senior DevOps Engineer, United States

Role at Fortanix: As a DevOps Engineer, I am responsible for managing continuous integration plus deployment solutions of the Fortanix products. My focus is to automate existing processes to help development teams as well as support customers by creating faster and reliable product deployments and updates.

Why do you like working at Fortanix: There are new challenges every day and a dynamic work environment where everyone is very motivated and willing to offer their help which keeps me passionate about my love for DevOps.

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poornima gowda fortanix

Poornima Gowda, HR and Admin Head, India

Role at Fortanix: I manage all the human resources operations for the India region.

Why do you like working at Fortanix: The work culture and passion for innovation which drives the Fortanix workforce has always had a long-lasting impression on my professional journey.

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Meredith Torres fortanix

Meredith Torres, Sr. Director Global Demand Gen, United States

Role at Fortanix: I run the global demand generation function which includes managing marketing campaigns, digital marketing, social media, channel and field marketing, events, and web marketing to help build pipeline for our growing sales team.

Why do you like working at Fortanix: The team at Fortanix is passionate, driven, and energetic and I thoroughly enjoy working in an organization where I can make a difference with like-minded co-workers!

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