Thinking Out Loud: NFTs, Crypto, and Beyond

Patrick Conte Fortanix
Patrick Conte
Published:Apr 7, 2022
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“Bravo UK! In This Case, it’s Good To Be First to the (Crypto) Party!” 

You might have read recently that the UK has paved the way to become a leader and global hub for crypto-asset technology.

HM’s Government wants to bring #stablecoins (pegged to centrally managed Fiat currency) to the point of being able to be used for payments, as well as to turn a number of non-currency-based assets into Non-Fungible Tokens (#NFTs). 

If only there had been this when I lived in London part-time several years ago, some of my friends could have taken advantage.

Amita Potnis testimonial on future of trust at IDC

S - you could have turned your beard (or ability to drink copious amounts of beer) into NFTs. M - you could have turned your hipster man-bun into an NFT.

Too bad you didn’t since it’s gone the way of the dodo bird. G - you could have turned your golf swing into an NFT. I’ve seen way uglier NFTs like monkey images and the like, so even that rusty gate could be worth something.

Finally, R - you could have turned your Irish brogue and snarky sense of humor into NFTs. And I could have gotten paid for everything you all owed be from drinks to golf bets to bets on football matches to what I took off you in billiards and darts.

No more “sorry mate, I’ll have to owe you that lolly. You can spot your old mate a pony, yeah?” I could have had you drop the stable coins in my HD Wallet.

That HD Wallet would, of course, be protected by the best 2FA security - Temporary One Time Password (TOTP) and keys kept online at all times, specialities of @Fortanix.

Intel CTO Anil Rao's Testimonial on Fortanix

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