Fortanix HSM Gateway

Centralized Key and HSM management across 3rd party HSM and Cloud HSM

What you get:

  • Unified management and application interface for on-prem and cloud HSM
  • Seamlessly create, manage, export and rotate keys across all HSM
  • Connects to any third party HSM that supports PKCS 11
  • Centralized audit logs for greater control and visibility
  • Use on-prem HSM keys to encrypt cloud data and achieve compliance
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Organizations have accumulated different types and brands of legacy HSMs to meet their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), encryption and key management requirements. These systems must be managed separately, are hard for application developers to use, and are not equipped to migrate applications to the cloud. Continuing to maintain legacy HSMs is costly, slows down application development, and makes it difficult to migrate to public cloud.

Fortanix HSM gateway, an extension of Fortanix Self-Defending Key Management Service (KMS) manages keys in legacy HSMs and helps consolidate HSM infrastructure.


what we do
Unified management interface
Fortanix manages all cryptographic operations across all legacy HSMs and Fortanix Self-Defending KMS from a unified web interface.
what we do
Export legacy HSM keys
Seamlessly export legacy HSM keys over to Fortanix and/or rotate HSM keys with new keys originating from Fortanix as the source HSM.
what we do
Supports PKCS
Any 3rd party HSM that supports PKCS11 can be configured with the Fortanix HSM Gateway.
what we do
HSM replacement program
Administrators on legacy HSMs like nCipher, SafeNet Luna etc. can easily migrate to Fortanix with Free licenses.
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Consolidate HSM infrastructure
Fortanix HSM Gateway connects to the legacy on-prem and cloud HSM already available with organizations and make their keys manageable and accessible through Fortanix. This helps consolidate the HSM infrastructure, reduce cost, and complexity. 
Migrate seamlessly to cloud
Fortanix HSM gateway enables businesses to seamlessly move between on-premises and public cloud infrastructures with a single consistent set of cryptographic services and keys.
Simplify cryptographic operations
Fortanix simplifies operations and provides increased control with a “single pane of glass” modern, multi-tenant, and intuitive user interface. All cryptographic operations are logged and audited.