Control Encryption Across Hybrid Multicloud Environments

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According to Gartner, 81% of businesses are adopting a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategy to augment their internal datacenters. The challenges of protecting data using encryption across multiple on-premises datacenters and cloud environments increase complexity, cost, and security risk.

Each cloud vendor offers proprietary key management solutions. This is impractical for organizations looking to simplify data security across several Cloud Service Providers (CPSs).

Using multiple proprietary Key Management System (KMS) solutions, results in key sprawl. It is complex to track where all keys are, what they are used for, who accessed them, when, and from where.

Key Benefits

Unified data security operations

Fortanix consolidates cryptographic operations to simplify and accelerate multicloud initiatives.

Centralized management, control, and reporting

Security and cloud teams get control and visibility of all data from a single pane of glass. They can now govern policies and manage key lifecycles from a single interface.

Simplified and faster compliance

Store and control root keys segregated from the cloud data. Modernize your HSM infrastructure with API-supported, integrated HSMs(FIPS 140-2 L3-certified).

centralized management for key encryption

Additional Benefits

Eliminate operational complexity : Fortanix provides a centralized, single point of control and management at scale across hybrid and multicloud environments. Our SaaS platform provides out-of-the-box load-balancing, fault-tolerance, disaster recovery, and high availability. With global datacenter proximity, organizations can deploy and scale anytime, anywhere.

Data and key sovereignty : Ensure the root of trust remains in customer control and no implicit trust is extended to the cloud vendor to keep data subpoena-proof.

Centralized visibility : Security and cloud teams get control and visibility of all crypto security measures from a single pane of glass. They can now set policies and manage key lifecycles from a single interface. Auditing and reporting are also unified.

Uniform and centralized policy management : With Fortanix, organizations get consistent policy management and enforcement across clouds, and geographic regions from a central interface.

Separate keys from sensitive data in the cloud : Control root keys outside of cloud-native key management systems (KMS) to separate encryption keys from the data being secured.

Contain keys within a geographic area : Control the root of trust and ensure it does not leave the designated territory. For example : European Economic Area (EEA) to meet GDPR/Schrems regulations.

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