Fortanix DSM + Mocana IOT Security Platform

A simple and cost-effective solution to fortify your IoT security lifecycle management.

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Market Need

Securely maintaining the billions of connected devices in the market has become a monumental headache for many companies. IOT security is critical to preventing malware, DDoS, & man-in-the-middle attacks on connected devices. The primary challenges are to ensure a root of trust, and to provide strong mutual authentication and trust between devices and applications. The challenges are compounded as companies are increasingly looking at flexible options to manage these devices on-prem, in the Cloud, or Hybrid.

fortanix dsm for mocana iot platform

Solution Overview

The combined Mocana + Fortanix solution offers an unbeatable end-to-end security solution for IoT security
lifecycle management. Interoperability of Mocana’s IoT Security Platform and Fortanix’s DSM HSM’s across
endpoint devices, gateways and clouds now provides IOT companies the added benefits of a secure hosted environment.

Top Benefits

The combined Mocana + Fortanix solution offers an unbeatable end-to-end security solution for IoT security lifecycle management.

Adding a root of trust (ID) during product manufacturing.

Device integrity

Added controls for secure boot & device update, to ensure device integrity.

Key and Certificate management

Key and Certificate management for endpoints, gateway and clouds.

Multi-factor authentication

The ability to support multi-factor authentication across manufacturers, end users and Cloud providers.

Assured interoperability

Validated interoperability of Mocana’s IoT Security Platform with Fortanix’s DSM HSMs

Security lifecycle management

Key lifecycle management and crypto policies for every device.

Fortanix Data Security Manager

Secured with Intel® SGX, Fortanix Data Security Manager delivers HSM-grade security with software-defined simplicity. Fortanix Data Security Manager provides flexible consumption options — a hardened appliance, HSM as a service, or software running on commodity x86 servers.

Fortanix Data Security Manager offers central management, tamper-proof logging, rich access control, REST APIs and massive scalability. Organizations use Fortanix Data Security Manager to secure their sensitive cloud and tradi-tional applications, including digital payments, PKI systems, IOT applications, silicon manufacturing, and remote TLS terminations — all while drastically reducing integration complexities and expenses.

Mocana IOT Security Platform

Founded in 2002, Mocana provides mission-critical IoT security solutions for embedded systems, industrial controls and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our proven cybersecurity software goes beyond traditional security approaches by making IoT and ICS devices trustworthy and enabling secure device-to-cloud communications. Mocana's full-stack platform operates across complex, multi-vendor environments where performance and security are critical to ensuring safety and reliability. Hundreds of industrial and IoT companies depend on Mocana's military-grade technology to protect millions of IoT devices, controllers and embedded systems.

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