Intelligent Data Security at Scale with Fortanix and BigID

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scaling data security with Fortanix and BigID

Automate Data-Centric Security from Discovery to Enforcement

Organizations large and small house terabytes (or more) of data across myriads of data repositories, such as heterogeneous databases sitting in different environments, big data platforms, collaboration systems such as SharePoint, cloud-based file-sharing services such as Google Docs and Dropbox, spreadsheets, emails, PDFs—you name it.

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that grappling with such massive data volumes, diverse repository types, and varying data sensitivity levels—makes data discovery and security a tough feat to achieve.

Hardships do not end there. Industry-specific and regulatory mandates, such as HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and PCI multifold the complexity around data integrity, confidentiality, and security.

A foolproof approach to harness and secure data begins with knowing what data you hold, where it’s located, and its context—before you step out to ensure data accuracy or comply with various privacy and security mandates.

With that information in hand, businesses can roll out data security measures such as encryption, tokenization, and HSMs to secure data from accidental or intentional compromise and ensure compliance controls—according to data type, data sensitivity, and the value it holds.

Big Id

Fortanix Data Security Manager + BigID

The partnership forged between Fortanix and BigID powers intelligent data protection at scale by bringing together the data-discovery acumens of BigID with Fortanix’s data-protection capabilities. The integrated solution enables the users to trigger data-protection actions on their RDBMS objects (tables/columns) via Fortanix using the BigID platform.

Users get a package deal that combines data discovery for sensitive and regulated data across unstructured, structured, cloud, and on-prem—backed by strong data security and ensuring compliance.

The BigID platform is used to identify any security and privacy-related findings at scale across your data ecosystem and dynamically trigger data-protection actions on the applicable assets (relational databases as of now) using the tokenization capabilities of the Fortanix platform.

Businesses essentially get a single hand to shake model to discover, classify, and secure their data from one unified solution.

Solution Highlights

Discover: Identify Personal data and where it resides.

Protect: Establish security controls to detect, prevent and respond to data breaches.

Manage: Govern how personal data is used and accessed.

Report: Address data requests, report breaches and keep records.

Top Benefits

Orchestrate data security with 360 Data Visibility

Orchestrate data security with 360 Data Visibility

The Fortanix and BigID combined solution can be implemented across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployments.
Ensure end to end data-centric automated data protection

Ensure end to end data-centric automated data protection

Scale and automate data security measures with consistent policy controls across a myriad of data repositories.
Lower TCO

Lower TCO

The native integration between HSMs/KMS and your data discovery measures mitigate potential points of exposure that could lead to expensive fines and remediation costs.
Simple and scalable

Simple and scalable

Simple to set up, install, and use. Scales and replicates easily, requiring no complex joins or mappings.
High availability and security

High availability and security

The joint solution is an HSM-backed PKI management system that is highly available, secure, and has disaster recovery capabilities.
Expand discovery, protection & governance

Expand discovery, protection & governance

Apply complex business rules to meet stringent records management, data security, and information privacy regulations for structured and unstructured data sources.

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