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Problem Statement

Exploring Data Collaboration While Ensuring Safety, Security, and Privacy of Data

Data collaboration is a game-changer for organizations. By collaborating and exchanging data internally and externally, businesses can acquire valuable insights that open the way for innovating new services/products, advance their digital business, and gaining AI success. In a recent study, Gartner predicts that organizations that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics. However, organizations encounter barriers to safe and secure data collaboration due to challenges with compliance, governance, and privacy-threatening practices. Regulatory frameworks such as GDPR and CCPA require strict data protection measures and traditional collaboration methods put sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), Intellectual Property (IP), and financial records at risk of being breached or misused.

About Fortanix Confidential Data Collaboration Platform

The Fortanix Confidential Data Collaboration Platform is a secure enclave-based solution that empowers organizations to collaborate on sensitive data without compromising confidentiality. It leverages confidential computing to create a trusted execution environment where data remains encrypted while in use. This eliminates the risk of unauthorized access during collaboration and ensures data privacy for all participants.


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Product Benefits

Secure Data Collaboration: The platform facilitates secure collaboration between multiple organizations by protecting data at rest, in transit, and in use. This enables data-driven collaboration on confidential projects without compromising privacy.

Bring Your Own Infrastructure (BYOI): Organizations can leverage their existing infrastructure for deployment, reducing costs and simplifying integration.

Complete Control Over Data: The platform provides granular control over data access and permissions, ensuring that organizations maintain full ownership and control over their sensitive information.

Streamlined Workflow Management: The platform offers workflow management tools to help organizations define, manage, and track the data collaboration process while adhering to established security and privacy protocols.

Confidential Data Collaboration Platform

Unique Opportunities for Your Organisation

Enhanced Data Security: Improve data security to reduce the risk of data breaches and comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

New Revenue Stream: Facilitate secure collaboration on previously inaccessible data sets, opening up new opportunities for innovation, research, and new revenue streams.

Increase collaboration: Establish secure collaborations and joint research efforts to speed growth while maintaining data privacy.

Competitive Advantage: Obtain a substantial advantage by utilizing the potential of collaborating on sensitive data.

Fortanix Confidential Data Collaboration Platform Use Cases

Empowering Secure Collaboration Across Industries

The Fortanix Confidential Data Collaboration Platform addresses the major issue of secure collaboration on confidential data without jeopardizing confidentiality. It creates a trusted processing environment where data stays encrypted even when it’s being used by confidential computing. As a result, organizations from different fields can collaborate on data-driven projects while maintaining privacy.


Here are some examples of how the platform can change data collaboration in particular industries:

Financial Services:

  • Collaborative Fraud Detection and Prevention: Financial institutions can share and look at fraud data from different sources to find new threats and make their fraud prevention strategies more effective.
  • Risk Modelling and Management: Financial institutions can collaborate to create more accurate and complete risk models by sharing relevant data while keeping each institution’s data confidential.


  • Secure Medical Research Collaboration: Researchers from various institutions can collaborate on medical research projects that require sharing patient data. The platform protects patients’ privacy by encrypting the data while it is being analyzed.
  • Deeper Insights for Improved Care: Doctors and hospitals can share data about anonymous patients to learn more about diseases, how effectively treatments work, and health trends in the community as a whole. For better patient care, this lets data-driven methods work without affecting people’s privacy.


  • National Security Initiatives: While preserving confidential sources and information, government agencies can securely share intelligence data for national security reasons.
  • Law Enforcement Investigations: When law enforcement agencies work together on an investigation, they can safely share evidence and findings without putting sensitive information at risk.

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