Fortanix Confidential AI for Bosch AIShield

An unmatched security solution with advanced AI-driven threat analysis and detection capabilities for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) workloads with Fortanix and Bosch AIShield.

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The Fortanix Confidential AI solution now incorporates Bosch AIShield advanced AI-driven threat analysis and detection capabilities.

The service ensures secure processing of AI models and sensitive data in trusted execution environments (TEEs). Powered by scalable infrastructure, the solution supports a broad range of AI/ML models and frameworks, provides hardware-backed proof of execution reporting, and delivers data security and confidentiality for AI/ML workloads.

The Fortanix Confidential AI integration offers model-level defense against adversarial attacks that is provided by Bosch AIShield technology.
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Secure and Trustworthy AI

Unprecedented AI security and trust for businesses by combining the power of Confidential Computing in Fortanix Confidential AI with Bosch AIShield's AI-driven threat detection.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Securing data across all stages of the MLOps pipeline – at rest, in motion, and in use – to ensure auditable data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Streamlined User Experience

Seamless integration of Bosch AIShield technology within the Fortanix Confidential AI service.