Key Management

Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) provides centralized key management, encryption, tokenization, and secrets management across multi-cloud infrastructures. The key management solution offers flexible deployment options with Software, SaaS, and a FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM appliance. 


The challenges of data security, regulatory compliance, and the risk of data breaches continue to increase with the exponential growth in the volume of data stored on the public cloud. Organizations that rely on cloud-native encryption do not get complete control of key management as cloud providers generate and own the data encryption keys.

Fortanix offers centralized key management, consistent access control policy, and tamper-proof audit logs, proving to be the best key management system that allows organizations to retain full control and management of encryption keys. With Bring Your Own Key management service (BYOKMS), organizations can store ad protect keys outside the cloud and meet the most stringent compliance requirements.
enterprise key management using dsm


Centrally manage your crypto keys

Fortanix Data Security Manager provides control and visibility into encryption key management operations using a centralized web-based UI with enterprise-level access controls and single sign-on support. Organizations can securely generate, store, and use crypto keys, certificates, secrets, passwords, API Keys, tokens, etc., from a unified platform. Fortanix DSM can scale horizontally and geographically with automated load balancing, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, and high availability.

Centrally manage your crypto keys

Single solution for Multi-Cloud 

Fortanix Data Security Manager enables organizations to make a secure transition to the cloud and manage data securely between several clouds. The multi-cloud strategy allows an enterprise to avoid vendor lock-in and utilize the best-of-breed solutions of mega-vendors. Organizations can adopt BYOK (Bring-Your-Own-Key) services with FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM-backed key management services (KMS) to meet regulations such as HIPAA, PII, GDPR, or PCI.

Single solution for Multi-Cloud 

DevOps and Cloud Friendly APIs

Fortanix Cloud Data Control facilitates organizations to integrate their modern business-critical applications and containers using traditional cryptographic interfaces (PKCS#11, KMIP, and more) or its native RESTful interface. The solution supports the authentication of APIs using a system-generated API Key, client TLS certificates, JSON web tokens, or Active Directory credentials.

DevOps and Cloud Friendly APIs
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quote iconWhen you move to the cloud, you lose that control...
So the Fortanix solution brings an ability to control the keys externally. You can turn the keys off, turn them on– they are totally under your control. The other advantage is with PayPal’s requirements is it actually enables new business use cases to go to the cloud.
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