Multicloud Key Management and Data Security

Fortanix secures sensitive data across public, hybrid, multicloud and private cloud environments, enabling customers to operate even the most sensitive applications in any environment.

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According to Gartner, 81% of businesses are adopting a hybrid cloud and multicloud strategy to augment their internal data centers. As workloads and sensitive data move to the cloud, keeping cryptographic keys, secrets and tokens secure is critical to public cloud deployments and successful digital transformation. Fortanix manages data security for multiple public clouds and hybrid environments through a single platform that can scale and cluster between global sites.
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A Single Solution for Multiple Clouds

It is complex to manage encryption, key management, secrets management and tokenization in a different way for every public cloud, not to mention your on-premises systems. Fortanix provides a single point of control and management at scale cross multiple public cloud and hybrid environments

A Single Solution for Multiple Clouds

You Control The Keys to the Kingdom

It is not secure to store encryptions keys in the same location as the data it is used to encrypt. If cloud provider insiders or cyber criminal gain access to those keys, they can decrypt data stored in the cloud leading to a data breach and violation of privacy regulations. Fortanix secures data everywhere while enabling customers, not cloud providers, to maintain control of their encryption keys and their data at all times.

You Control The Keys to the Kingdom

Compliance You Can Count On

Many regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, and retail require that encryption keys be stored in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs. Unlike cloud-native key management services, Fortanix provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3 protection for all encryptions keys, secrets, and tokens, enabling regulated industries to move sensitive data to the public cloud without risking compliance.

Compliance You Can Count On
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So the Fortanix solution brings an ability to control the keys externally. You can turn the keys off, turn them on– they are totally under your control. The other advantage is with PayPal’s requirements is it actually enables new business use cases to go to the cloud.
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