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An enterprise-ready secret management solution that lets your DevOps and security teams securely store, control and manage secrets, credentials, certificates, API keys, and tokens outside the source code in a FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified HSM.

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As integrating security in every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) gains momentum—secrets management is fast emerging as the most pivotal DevSec Ops element to ensure security at all stages of SDLC.

If left unchecked, the secret sprawl that comes with cloud-native development and multicloud infrastructures can snowball into a significant problem for the DevOps teams that lean on multiple disparate tools for securing different phases of the development process.

What’s required is a centralized system that can integrate with all these tools and systems, as most Cloudnative secrets management tools are limited to the specific cloud provider and fail under a multi-cloud scenario.
Secrets Management Overview

Fortanix Solution

Fortanix provides a single centralized platform to securely store, control and manage secrets outside the source code in a FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified HSM. With flexible deployment modes and scalable architecture, Fortanix secret management works across environments, on-premises, natively in the cloud, hybrid and multicloud. Moreover, it can integrate with any DevOps environment with Rest APIs. 

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API Based Secret Management with Extensive Integrations 

Fortanix can manage secrets natively in the cloud and on-premises, providing extensive RESTful APIs through open standards such as OAuth, OpenID (SAML), LDAP, JWT, and PKI. Integrates with any DevOps environment with Rest APIs. Supports upcoming technologies like Kubernetes, Docker etc. 

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HSM Grade Security and Comprehensive Audit Logs 

Secured with Intel® SGX and built using Fortanix patented Runtime Encryption® Technology, Fortanix runs every operation in HSM-grade security, ensuring complete control over your keys, data and secrets. Comprehensive audit logs provide insight into how secrets are being used, helping you meet compliance.

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Centralized Administration and Access Controls 

Unifies key management operations with role-based access controls. Prevents unauthorized password change and alerts on simultaneous logins by same user. 

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Key Differentiators


Unified platform for Data Security 

A unified platform for to simplify and facilitate centrally managed secrets, keys, and tokens. 

Enable operational efficiency 

Reduce complexity and burden on developers while improving agility and protection of the business.
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Lower costs with increased efficiency 

Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by scaling secrets access across large IT environments, consolidating applications for secrets storage and policy, and automating credential rotation. 


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