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Julian Weinberger
Published:Apr 30, 2021
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The tech industry is known for a lot of things when it comes to employment within it. Great salaries, amazing benefits, relaxed working atmospheres, cutting edge ideas, the works! Across the globe millions are claiming to join in on the tech boom and find a career in the most fun industry on the planet.

Finding a job in the tech industry can be rather easy if you have the credentials. But finding the right job is quite a bit more difficult. You see, far too often companies and start-ups advertise certain amenities, salaries, and workplace environments that are contradictory to the true story.

The sad reality is that a lot of professionals seeking a great workplace in the tech industry often find the opposite of what they signed up for.

This issue has caused a lot of young professionals to turn their backs on the tech industry altogether. Missed promises, deceitful job advertisements, toxic work environments, they can turn into a bath of cold water if you are expecting a fun loving and relaxed work atmosphere.

This issue is one thing that Fortanix aimed to alleviate when they began as a company not so long ago…

Fortanix Themselves

To understand why Fortanix is such a great employer, you need to understand what Fortanix does – this helps the process, trust me. Fortanix is a solutions-based IT start-up providing cloud level data based cyber security. In essence, they help to keep your company’s data safe, secure, and generally under wraps.

Now, that all sounds fine and dandy. But one thing that Fortanix has placed an emphasis on as a company is the act of providing solutions. Solutions to real problems – not simply imagined ones. Often start-ups will try to invent problems so that they can solve them.

Fortanix finds real life issues within the cyber security space and works to provide practical and efficient solutions.

This straightforward and no-nonsense approach to cyber security is a great gauge of what Fortanix is like as an employer – in a very good way. So, without further delay, let’s really talk about that!

Solutions-based employment

Fortanix believes strongly in hiring employees that solve problems and fill positions of need. This means that they aim to fill gaps in the team with individuals who will bring something beneficial to the table. That is, individuals who are more than just a degree alongside some work experience.

Fortanix is truly unique in that they have made it a point to hire a team filled with problem solvers and team players. Individuals who each have a key role to play and feel like their contribution to the company truly does matter and makes life easier for those around them. There’s nothing more disheartening than coming to work every day and feeling like your work is useless.

When you come to work every day at Fortanix you truly do feel like you are coming into a situation where you are valued, wanted, and actually needed! It feels secure, safe, and rewarding all at once. This is what solutions-based employment feels like–and should be!

A product you can believe in

Modern times call for modern protections – that’s how the saying goes, right? Well, never mind, it’s close enough! The point is that modern technology makes life a lot easier in a seemingly infinite number of ways. But it also brings a whole host of new challenges and risks that we are still adapting to as a society.

Cybersecurity is one area of tech that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be. The products we use – from credit cards to fitness watches – are all encrypted to protect your data. They are designed to keep your information from falling into the hands of those who would abuse it or sell it to someone who will. However, that doesn’t just happen magically.

Fortanix is a cyber security start-up that aims to implant security into data itself and create a more secure digital world from the ground up. This helps protect lives, livelihoods, and the entire way that society operates on a digital level. So, why does this matter?

Well, it matters because it’s important work. Often, we feel a sense of pride when we are working in a field or profession that makes a difference in the lives of others. It’s why the majority of the most fulfilling jobs are in the medical or engineering/design fields.

We as people like to feel as if our work actually matters. That’s why working at Fortanix is such an amazing experience. The services they provide help keep lives safe and being a part of that is incredibly rewarding.

One for all, All for One!

There’s nothing worse than starting a new job and feeling like you are completely alone. Left high and dry, and without the tools needed to succeed. Far too often employers throw new hires into the deep end and expect them to outpace Michael Phelps. This is not only unrealistic, it’s damaging to the entire company.

At Fortanix, there is a heavy emphasis on team building. This is done throughout the process of hiring and training employees. Since they believe so highly in hiring solutions-based team members, they also believe in giving those team members the tools to succeed from day one.

One thing you will find at Fortanix is a team filled with doers and leaders. This isn’t a case of ‘too many chefs in the kitchen’. It’s simply a case of fellow employees who want to make the working environment as pleasant as possible. If you ask a question, you’re likely to get an answer quickly! If you feel lost, you’ll get help in a blink. This is the type of environment fostered at Fortanix.

Fortanix hires professionals who fit the Fortanix mold of what a great team member should be – and that’s someone who doesn’t shy away from helping their fellow teammates.

A supportive environment makes all the difference when it comes to happiness in the workplace. And with that, I cannot overstate how amazingly supportive Fortanix is. From the sales team to development and marketing, it takes a team to succeed, and Fortanix knows that. You will really find a team here. No backstabbing, cutthroat tactics, or cold shoulders.

Employment, as it should be

You might have made it this far and thought to yourself, ‘yeah, that’s what an employer is supposed to do’, or ‘aren’t all workplaces supposed to be like that?’ Well yeah, they are! That’s the entire point. Fortanix isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to workplace happiness. But they do know that far, far too many employers aren’t doing this at all.

When you read about companies such as Facebook, Google, and other employers ranking at the top of employee satisfaction, what do you see? You see loyalty to the employee. That loyalty reflects onto the customer, product, and day-to-day operations. That is what Fortanix encapsulates in everything they provide as an employer.

When you join the Fortanix team you are joining a career that is filled with laughs, challenges, advancement, innovation, and friendship. That may sound like a lot of ‘keynote speaker’ mumbo-jumbo… But it does ring true here.

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If you remember in the beginning when I stated that far too many companies lack simple decency and common respect towards their employees. This was all said to lead up to a singular point: Fortanix is employing people to be contributors to the success of the business and the product. They are not employing cogs in a wheel built to simply churn out profit. So, what could really feel more rewarding than that?

Working for Fortanix truly is employment as it should be. Hopefully the happiness our team here feels will rub off on other start-ups and corporations across the globe. It could do the world a lot of good when workers are happy to come to the office every day!

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