Master Data Tokenization to Treat Customers, Not Trick Them into Horrors

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Kristina Avrionova
Published:Oct 17, 2023
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master data tokenization

Exposing sensitive business or customer data is creepy, terrifying, and expensive. And in many cases- illegal. It is your organization’s responsibility, and in many cases an obligation, to make sure sensitive PII and PHI data is kept private.

Data tokenization, the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identifiers called tokens to conceal and de-identify it, has been around for a while. The relentless barrage of data breaches, along with the pressing need to leverage data to its full potential, has resulted in increased adoption of data tokenization solutions. Yet many organizations still struggle to keep this practice under control.

It is a common, haphazard practice for different teams to be responsible for different environments, with each team adopting their own point solutions and implementing their own policies, not necessarily in compliance with security mandates.

With data proliferated everywhere, it is hard to know if tokenization has been properly and consistently applied. Another common scenario among organizations is the use of legacy solutions that cannot scale to meet expanding business needs, do not integrate well with modern, distributed applications, and become performance bottleneck and security risks.

When a data breach happens, will you be the one to shiver when delivering the frightful news?

At Fortanix, we can help you put an end to the thrills and chills of protecting sensitive private data. Whether you are sending data to platforms like Snowflake or Databricks, simply want to store it in the cloud, or need to share it among applications, we can help you ensure security travels with the data across the enterprise.

Fortanix Tokenization, part of the suite of security solutions delivered by the Fortanix Data Security Manger platform, allows you to apply Format Preserving Encryption at the point of data creation or ingestions, so you can tokenize sensitive data early and once and keep it private, portable, and compliant.

With the Fortanix Tokenization solution, Data and DevOps teams now can:

  • Make certain safe data usage as data is shared in pipeline and workflows or as it moves from application to application.
  • Apply tight RBAC and Quorum approvals to limit access to the data and allow only certain applications or users to de-crypt the data.
  • Manage and apply consistent policies across all environments from a single central console.
  • Separately store encryption keys from data to maintain data sovereignty.

As for Security and Risk Governance teams and leaders, they now can:

  • Achieve greater security, compliance, and control by securing data and assets across on-premises, hybrid, and public clouds with from a single UI.
  • Generate and manage the full key lifecycle with natively integrated KMS and FIPS 140 Level 3 HSM to close security gaps and vulnerabilities.
  • Support Zero Trust architecture, leverage the highest industry certifications, and keep immutable logs to aid with audits.
  • Have crypto-agility with rapid implementation of the latest NIST-approved quantum-resistant algorithms.
  • Eliminate siloed tools and point solutions to optimize TCO and increase productivity to advance operations. 

Want to learn more about Fortanix Tokenization? Read this whitepaper.

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