Prevent Data Exposure and Non-Compliance in Your Snowflake Environment | Fortanix Data Tokenization

Kristina Avrionova Fortanix
Kristina Avrionova
Published:Mar 18, 2024
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fortanix data tokenization to prevent data exposure

Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform is a beloved tool for many data-driven organizations. And for a good reason-- Snowflake has given organizations like yours the power to get meaningful insights from data, create new business opportunities, and delight customers with instant, seamless, and personalized experiences.

But as you send your data to Snowflake, are you exposing PII on the way? Are you possibly breaking data privacy laws and regulations? A simple oversight or rookie mistake can easily turn your data quest into a major security liability for your organization. Or perhaps because of your keen awareness of the implications and potential troubles, you are holding back and not getting the most value of your data?

Why Data Tokenization

Data tokenization, by means of Format Preserving Encryption, allows you to strike the ideal balance between data security, privacy, and utilization. Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) has recently emerged as a state-of-the-art data obfuscation strategy-- sensitive data elements, such as PII or PHI, are substituted with a surrogate value known as a token, which retains the format of the original dataset but carries no actual meaning. Using FPE you now can ensure data security and privacy, while maintaining the integrity of the dataset.

But that’s not all. When data is tokenized, you easily can comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, because PII and other sensitive information are adequately protected. You also can meet data residency requirements by keeping sensitive data within desired geographic boundaries and use the tokens for your analytics cloud processing or storage.

How Fortanix Helps

At Fortanix, we understand the critical need to protect sensitive data while maintaining its usability and privacy. This is why we ensured that Fortanix seamlessly integrates with Snowflake, so data teams like yours now have a highly scalable solution that can propel you forward and further.

Fortanix Tokenization goes beyond native Snowflake dynamic data masking, enabling you to achieve higher levels of compliance with security and privacy regulations. Fortanix integrates with Snowflake’s external functions, so you can tokenize the data before it loads into Snowflake. Fortanix can also facilitate secure data sharing among various Snowflake users, restricting their access based on relevant policies.


Tokenization is completely random once the data is given alias values, and all the token objects are securely encrypted by Fortanix with Zero-Trust principles. Furthermore, Fortanix employs robust and best key management practices, designed to provide organizations with the highest security and control over their encryption keys.

To learn more on how to seamlessly integrate Fortanix’s data tokenization into your Snowflake environment, download the ebook below. You now can be a true champion and empower your data-driven enterprise with the security it requires, work with all your data, and ensure peace of mind in a world that demands nothing less.

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