What is Google Cloud’s External Key Manager Service?

What is Google Cloud’s External Key Manager Service?

In November 2019, Google announced the External Key Manager (EKM) service at the Google Cloud Next UK conference. Google Cloud’s External Key Manager is a next-level control for encryption keys, with a wide and growing range of over 20 Google services running in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

EKM allows encrypting data in Big Query and Google Compute Engine (GCE), with an external Key management service deployed outside Google’s infrastructure but controlled entirely by the User from a single point of management.

Companies can leverage cloud computing and analytics power when they maintain separation between data-at-rest and encryption keys.

Many cloud service providers have a provision where companies can bring their own Keys (BYOK); however, Google Cloud Platform is the first public cloud provider that enables companies to bring their own Key management system (BYOKMS).

The Fortanix DSM supports Google EKM integration. With this capability, Fortanix customers can migrate new classes of sensitive financial services, healthcare, and other applications requiring the highest data privacy compliance levels to the public Cloud.

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