Runtime Encryption™ Platform

DSM provides impenetrable security to your keys and secrets. Secured with Intel® SGX and built using Fortanix's patented Runtime Encryption® Technology, DSM ensures that you remain in complete control over your keys and secrets 

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fortanix runtime encryption platform

Runtime Encryption Overview

Encryption is an effective data protection control, however it’s use is currently limited to data at rest and data in motion. When, an application starts to run, it’s data in use is vulnerable to a variety of attacks including malicious insiders, root users, credential compromise, OS zero-day, and network intruders.

Runtime Encryption provides deterministic security with runtime memory encryption for applications to protect data in use. Runtime Encryption enables a fundamentally new level of security and privacy allowing organizations with sensitive data to operate in untrusted environments.

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Deterministic Security

Deterministic Security

Runtime Encryption provides complete cryptographic protection for your applications. The entire application runs inside a secure execution environment and is protected from OS, root users, hypervisor, any malware or any other process running on the same server, or anyone having physical access to the server. Runtime Encryption ensures that data in use is encrypted and only the protected application can access its data. You can now run highly sensitive applications even on untrusted infrastructure.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Fortanix EnclaveOS provides a runtime environment that attaches to any application without requiring rewrite or recompile of the application. With Runtime Encryption, you can rapidly build protected application with no application developer burden or learning curve whether you have an existing application or are developing a new application. Runtime Encryption seamlessly supports application development workflows and integrates with orchestration tools like Kubernetes, extending the security benefits to application developers working in an agile environment.
Broad Application Support

Broad Application Support

Runtime Encryption is purpose-built to protect container-based applications but also supports any x86 application built using a variety of major programming languages. Application developers can readily create secure distributed applications. With support for Python and R, Runtime Encryption can protect sensitive data analysis and machine learnings applications. Commonly used applications such as Databases, Web Servers, Build Servers, Directory Servers and Key Managers are available protected out of the box.
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