Fortanix-Launchnodes solution for Cosmos and Tendermint Blockchains

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Launchnodes solution for Cosmos and Tendermint Blockchains

Enhance scale and credibility of your blockchain operations. Launchnodes now allows you to automatically configure Cosmos and Tendermint nodes for use with Fortanix One Time Signer. The solution distributes nodes across public cloud (AWS & GCP) and bare metal (Equinix and Vultr) globally, whilst securing signing keys using FIPS 140-2 level 3 accredited appliances.

solution for cosmos overview


Cosmos and Tendermint blockchains today are centralised both in terms of

  • The capital for staking on these chains being controlled by a small number of people/organisations.
  • The infrastructure that the nodes for these networks run on being extremely centralised.

The Fortanix-Launchnodes solution delivers value by:

FIPS accredited key storage and management tools:

FIPS accredited key storage and management tools:

Keys are managed while complying with very high standards of security and auditability.
Distributed deployment:

Distributed deployment:

Keys are managed across 5 independent, globally distributed clusters.
Double sign prevention

Double sign prevention:

Providing state tracking signers that are specifically designed to prevent double signing.
Eliminating single point of failure

Eliminating single point of failure:

Distributing nodes across cloud and bare metal, (vendor and geography can be chosen by the client) reducing the risk of a single point of failure for staking operations.
Decentralized blockchain

Decentralized blockchain:

Systemically decentralising the blockchain by meaningful diversification of geography for the nodes.
Lowest latency

Lowest latency:

Enabling blockchains to operate at the highest speeds and lowest latencies, regardless of the location of nodes

Example Use Case


An existing or new blockchain (customer A) working in the Cosmos ecosystem which is looking to be part of the internet of blockchains has created a chain with:

  • Specific utility
  • Useful working software
  • Integration with existing blockchains in the Cosmos Tendermint blockchain ecosystem.

use case context for Cosmos Tendermint blockchain ecosystem


Rigorous key storage and double sign prevention: Customer A would benefit from a rigorous key storage and double sign prevention, that gives credibility to their foundation/blockchain. Scale and distribute blockchain across multiple geographies: Customer A would further benefit from scaling their blockchain across multiple pre-configured nodes, distributed across multiple geographies.

  • Providing greater credibility for their chain.
  • Decentralizing both geography and infrastructure, further enhancing the credibility of blockchain operations.


Customer A can buy a solution from Fortanix and Launchnodes to achieve this value when they launch. This robust, secure architecture supports their growth by enabling key investors to use the same pattern to actively participate in the network, and stake.

use case solution by fortanix for Cosmos Tendermint blockchain ecosystem

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