Secure Scalable Key Management - Fornetix Key Orchestration

Encryption can be a very effective data protection control as long as the encryption keys are managed securely and effectively. The rapid data growth given digitization efforts, the increased adoption of Hybrid Cloud and the rise of IoT devices are some of the factors that require rethink of encryption and key management controls.

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Secure Scalable Key Management
Secure Scalable Key Management

Solution Overview

The combined solution of Fortanix Data Security Manager and Fornetix Key Orchestration offers unprecedented key lifecycle management with unmatched security. The solution comprises of a Fornetix Key Orchestration Appliance (KOA) plus either Fortanix Runtime Encryption Appliance (FX2200 Series) or HSM as a service. The combined solution delivers enterprise-grade key management lifecycle with a highly-secured FIPS 140-2 Level 3 platform.

Top Benefits

Ease of Use

Support for a variety of interfaces such as KMIP, PKCS#11 and REST APIs. Quick time to value with easy setup and turnkey integration.


Ability to generate, storage and manage hundreds of millions of keys with automation across key lifecycle.

Security and Compliance

Full support for NSA Suite B algorithms with secure key generation, complete user control of keys and tamper-proof audit logs with hardened FIPS devices.


Solution offers flexible deployment models and consumption options with support for self-contained appliances or a hybrid model with appliance/SaaS.

Fortanix Data Security Manager

Secured with Intel® SGX, Fortanix Data Security Manager delivers HSM-grade security with software-defined simplicity. Fortanix Data Security Manager provides flexible consumption options — a hardened appliance, HSM as a service, or software running on commodity x86 servers.

Fortanix Data Security Manager offers central management, tamper-proof logging, rich access control, REST APIs and massive scalability. Organizations use Fortanix Data Security Manager to secure their sensitive cloud and traditional applications, including digital payments, PKI systems, IOT applications, silicon manufacturing, and remote TLS terminations — all while drastically reducing integration complexities and expenses.

Fornetix Key Orchestration

Fornetix Key Orchestration is an enterprise encryption key management solution that enables a unified approach to data security by deploying and enforcing encryption across an entire organization. This unification allows for centralized storage and control for all encryption keys across all types of environments; whether it’s on-premises storage, virtualized, or cloud.

Through a robust and extensive API and a dedication to industry standards, Fornetix is built on interoperability. When paired with the ability to scale to millions of keys, Key Orchestration ensures seamless integration with organizations today and provides the ability to grow with them in the future.

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Secure Scalable Key Management

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Secure Scalable Key Management