Secure Web 3
Infrastructure Tools

Confidential Computing powered comprehensive data security for decentralized finance and blockchain

Fortanix has launched a suite of Secure Web 3 Infrastructure solutions that are integrated within Fortanix Data Security Manager™ and designed specifically for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance businesses. Fortanix leverages Confidential Computing technology to ensure that digital assets are better protected, and blockchain infrastructure operates with high security and integrity. The suite includes:

Fortanix-Launchnodes solution for Cosmos and Tendermint Blockchains

This service provides Cosmos and Tendermint nodes that are automatically configured by Launchnodes to use Fortanix Signer. These nodes can be used for solo staking or as RPC nodes, either on-premise or on public cloud (AWS), and are engineered to integrate seamlessly with Fortanix’s One Time Signer solution.

Fortanix Ignite One-Time Signer

Eliminate slashing penalties by executing double-sign prevention logic within a trusted execution environment as a DSM plugin for Ignite blockchain validator nodes.

  • High-integrity signer as DSM plugin
  • Cluster-based architecture with HA/DR
  • Maintain and access validator keys online with SaaS

Fortanix Signing Provider for TMKMS

The Fortanix Signing Provider for TMKMS solution provides operators of Tendermint or Evmos validator nodes a secure mechanism to maintain long lived keys online. Maintain keys online with SaaS-Cluster based architecture with HA/DR-Seamless integration with TMKMS

Fortanix Custodial Warm Wallet

Enhanced security for B2C wallets through a secure 2FA implemented as a DSM plugin and executed within Intel® SGX secure enclave.

  • Deploy the 2FA system inside FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant platform
  • Secure with Quorum approval workflows
  • Readily consumable and secure warm wallet with Time-based One Time Passwords (TOPT)