Secure Web 3.0
Infrastructure Tools

Confidential Computing powered comprehensive data security for decentralized finance and blockchain

To meet the data security challenges within the DeFi space, Fortanix has launched a Secure Web3 Infrastructure™ tooling for decentralized finance and blockchain- a new suite of tools integrated within the existing Fortanix Data Security Manager™. Fortanix leverages the Confidential Computing technology to ensure security and privacy across your blockchain transactions. The suite includes-

Fortanix Non-Custodial Warm Wallet

Enhanced security for B2C wallets through a secure 2FA implemented as a DSM plugin and executed within Intel® SGX secure enclave.

  • Deploy the 2FA system inside FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant platform
  • Secure with Quorum approval workflows
  • Readily consumable and secure warm wallet with Time-based One Time Passwords (TOPT)

Fortanix Ignite One-Time Signer

Eliminate slashing penalties by executing double-sign prevention logic within a trusted execution environment as a DSM plugin for Ignite blockchain validator nodes.

  • High-integrity signer as DSM plugin
  • Cluster-based architecture with HA/DR
  • Maintain and access validator keys online with SaaS

Fortanix Signing Provider for TMKMS

The Fortanix Signing Provider for TMKMS solution provides operators of Tendermint or Evmos validator nodes a secure mechanism to maintain long lived keys online. Maintain keys online with SaaS-Cluster based architecture with HA/DR-Seamless integration with TMKMS