Fortanix-Launchnodes solution for Cosmos and Tendermint Blockchains

Enhance scale and credibility by decentralizing your blockchain.

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Fortanix now allows you to automatically configure Launchnodes’ Cosmos and Tendermint nodes for use with Fortanix Signer. Distributes nodes across public cloud (AWS & GCP) and bare metal (Equinix and Vultr) globally, whilst securing it to a FIPS accredited standard.

Cosmos and Tendermint blockchains today are centralised both in terms of

  • The capital for staking on these chains being controlled by a small number of people/organisations.
  • The infrastructure that the nodes for these networks run on being extremely centralised.

Key Features


Full-fledged support

The service includes:

  • Full installation support for all your nodes
  • Node synchronisation
  • Node software updates and maintenance
  • Uptime support
  • Email support
  • Zoom support
  • Node resilience plan to meet your organisation’s availability requirements
High security environment

High security environment

The private keys are kept secured at rest, in motion and even when in use inside Intel® SGX enclaves. FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified HSM delivers enhanced physical security.

Seamless integration with One-time signer

Seamless integration with One-time signer

The service is engineered to integrate seamlessly with Fortanix’ One Time Signer solution. One-Time Signer offers double-sign prevention logic implemented as a Fortanix Data Security Manager plugin for blockchain validator nodes.

How it helps?

  • Decentralise Blockchain operations

    Systemically decentralising the blockchain by meaningful diversification for the nodes.

    Decentralise Blockchain operations
  • Avoid double signing

    The solution provides state tracking signers that are specifically designed to prevent double signing.

    Avoid double signing
  • Eliminate a single point of failure.

    Distributing nodes (that connect to a distributed signer) across cloud and bare metal, (vendor and geography can be chosen by the client) reducing the risk of a single point of failure for staking operations.

    Eliminate a single point of failure.
  • High speed with lowest latency

    Solution enables blockchains to operate at the highest speeds and lowest latencies, regardless of the location of client endpoints and users of the token - through a global network.

    High speed with lowest latency