Confidential AI 

Confidential AI is a new platform to securely develop and deploy AI models on sensitive data using confidential computing. The solution provides data teams with infrastructure, software, and workflow orchestration to create a secure, on-demand work environment that maintains the privacy compliance required by their organization.  

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The potential of AI and data analytics in augmenting business, solutions, and services growth through data-driven innovation is well known—justifying the skyrocketing AI adoption over the years.

But MLOps often depend on sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is restricted for such efforts due to compliance obligations. AI efforts can fail to move out of the lab if data teams are unable to use this sensitive data.

Large portions of such data remain out of reach for most regulated industries like healthcare and BFSI due to privacy concerns. However, the emergence of Confidential Computing as a new security paradigm offers data scientists a practical solution to protect sensitive private data while being processed.
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Fortanix Solution

Fortanix Confidential AI has been specifically designed to address the unique privacy and compliance requirements of regulated industries, as well as the need to protect the intellectual property of AI models. Fortanix Confidential AI is a software and infrastructure subscription service that is easy to use and deploy.

Unlike traditional AI solutions that focus on accelerating modeling processes, Fortanix Confidential AI helps build richer models and protect the IP. It eliminates the risk of exposing private data by running datasets in secure enclaves. The Confidential AI solution provides proof of execution in a trusted execution environment for compliance purposes.

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Build smarter models with more relevant data 

Private data can only be accessed and used within secure environments, staying out of reach of unauthorized identities. Using confidential computing in various stages ensures that the data can be processed and that models can be developed while keeping the data confidential, even while in use. 

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Keep Models Secure and Protect Intellectual Property 

Fortanix Confidential AI makes it easy for a model provider to secure their intellectual property by publishing the algorithm in a secure enclave. The data teams get no visibility into the algorithms. 

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Quickly Deploy and Provision as a Managed Service 

As a SaaS infrastructure service, Fortanix Confidential AI can be deployed and provisioned at a click of a button with no hands-on expertise required. 

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Key Differentiators

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Run AI models
inside Intel SGX and other enclave technologies

AI models and frameworks run inside a confidential computing environment without visibility for external entities into the algorithms. 
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Support for a
broad set of AI/ML models 

AI high performers have standard tool frameworks and development processes for AI models. Fortanix Confidential AI supports a range of models, such as Yolov 5, Decision Trees, SVM, Linear Regression, KNN, and more. 

Add security components like Tokenization and Encryption

Integration with Fortanix Data Security Manager allows organizations to enhance security through additional components like key management and tokenization. 


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