Paving the Way for a New Data Security Category – Enterprise Key Posture Management - Meet Fortanix at AWS re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas to Learn More

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Glenn Rhodes
Published:Nov 20, 2023
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enterprise key posture management

Fortanix, a leader in data security, has been helping some of the largest enterprises and global brands for the past seven years. These enterprises span a broad spectrum of industry segments such as financial services, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, retail among others, both in the private and public sectors. Fortanix’s mission is to help enterprises protect their data, whether at rest, in motion or in use.

Data represents tremendous value, and indeed is the lifeblood of modern enterprises. It is therefore even more concerning that data breaches and ransomware attacks have reached epidemic levels over the past few years, and they continue to rise. The targets of these attacks read like a who’s who of the best-known brands in the world.

Why is that so, when organizations are spending millions or even hundreds of millions on cybersecurity?

Limitations of Traditional Cybersecurity

A key reason is organizations have traditionally taken a perimeter defense-based approach to cybersecurity, and the reality is that vulnerabilities can be exploited. But if data is the real pot of gold, then a data first approach to cybersecurity is what is needed.

Protect the data...wherever it may be

It’s the last line of defense. That is our primary focus at Fortanix.

The Challenge for Security Teams

There are different ways to protect data but encryption using NIST standards such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3 is hard to beat. However, encryption across an enterprise has been siloed...inside dedicated HSMs, or a database, or a cloud platform such as AWS, or SaaS platform like Salesforce or ServiceNow.

Consequently, security teams find it hard to assess the risk posture of their data security across a hybrid, multicloud environment.

How Fortanix Helps

The Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) platform is powered by Confidential Computing and provides a single pane of glass to unify data security and privacy policies for a broad set of use cases such as Encryption Key Management, Data Tokenization, Transparent Database Encryption, Code Signing, Secrets Management and more.

But there is more that Fortanix does to help customers truly understand the risk posture of their enterprise data security strategy. We call it Enterprise Key Posture Management (EKPM), and it’s a new category we’re pioneering within the industry.

Why is EKPM Different?

Today, there are tools that look at Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) to discover and assess cloud configuration and vulnerabilities. There are also Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) tools that discover and categorize data to understand risks. However, these tools do not focus on enterprise key management (EKM), nor do they discover, assess, and remediate data encryption risks across a hybrid, multicloud environment.

Fortanix - Look. Know. Further.

Fortanix looks across siloed encryption environments and deep into the data services they protect such as S3 or RDS in AWS. We help organizations quickly know or assess their data security risk posture and blast radius relative to established crypto policies within our DSM platform, or standards such as NIST, PCI-DSS, and more.

And Fortanix helps security teams go further with complete control to remediate where necessary, to not just alleviate data security risks, but also ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR, Schrems II and others.

Meet us at the AWS re:Invent 2023

If you’d like to learn more, Fortanix will be at AWS re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas, in Booth 118, and we are excited to meet multicloud data security stakeholders and show you the latest innovations in data security.

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