What is data center interconnect (DCI) layer 2 encryption?

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What is data center interconnect (DCI) layer 2 encryption?

Data center interconnect (DCI) is a way to connect two or more data centers over a wide area network (WAN) to share resources and provide disaster recovery capabilities.

Layer 2 encryption is a type of encryption applied at the data link layer of the OSI model. It encrypts data as it is being transmitted between two networked devices, such as switches or routers.

In the context of data center interconnect, DCI layer 2 encryption refers to the use of encryption at the data link layer to secure the data being transmitted between data centers.

This can include encrypting the data sent over a WAN link or encrypting the data as transmitted between different switches or routers within the data centers.

This can provide an added layer of security for sensitive data being transmitted between data centers and protect it from unauthorized access or tampering.

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