5 Reasons to Join the Fortanix Mask-arade

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Published:Jul 11, 2023
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reasons to join the fortanix mask arade

In hybrid environments where sensitive information is at constant risk, securing your enterprise data is an ongoing challenge. That's why we're here to introduce you to our advanced tokenization solution, designed to keep your valuable data secure, private, and compliant.   

With a unified administration of keys, tokens, and policies, along with the added protection of a Trusted Execution Environment, our solution offers comprehensive protection for your data, both at rest, in transit, and in use.   

Join us as we demonstrate the benefits of our solution and how it enables elastic scalability for high-performance applications, providing the perfect balance between security and performance in a data-driven world.  

Connect with our team at the Fortanix Mask-arade on July 27th at 11 am PDT | 2 pm EDT 

We are excited to present this virtual event, where we will unveil our industry-first SaaS Data Masking and Tokenization solution powered by Confidential Computing.

Here are five reasons to join the Fortanix Mask-arade.

1) Learn why tokenization is important

Tokenization is a format-preserving, reversible data masking technique that enables organizations to de-identify sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), while preserving its original format. It involves replacing sensitive data elements with unique tokens or surrogate values, which can be stored and processed without revealing the original information.

Tokenization allows authorized applications and users to access the original data by retrieving it from the token, while non-authorized applications and users can utilize the tokenized value without requiring the original value. With tokenization, organizations can reduce the risk of data breaches, identity theft, or fraud while still keeping data operational and usable.

2) Know how tokenization benefits organizations

Companies rely heavily on valuable customer information to gain insights into customer and stakeholder behavior. They need this information to fuel innovation, improve products and services, and stay competitive.

Traditional methods of sharing and processing data, such as through unsecured channels or without proper anonymization measures, pose significant risks. This can lead to non-compliance with various global and local data privacy laws. The exposure of sensitive data can make organizations vulnerable to data extortion, and they risk losing the trust of their customers.

Tokenization proves to be the most effective solution that strikes a balance between data usability and privacy. With tokenization, security, application, and data teams can ensure that sensitive information remains private and secure. Organizations can reduce the risk of data breaches, identity theft, or fraud, yet data remains usable and operational.

  • For example, a financial institution tokenizes customer account numbers, credit card numbers, and other sensitive and personal data.
  • A marketing team can analyze customer demographics to create more targeted campaigns without seeing personally identifiable information such as names and addresses.
  • DevOps teams can create test environments that accurately simulate real customer data for quality assurance.

3) Understand why tokenization is challenging to implement

Tokenization remains a struggle for many organizations. Some of the most common challenges are:

  • Different teams are responsible for different IT environments. They use different point solutions and implement their own policies. Tokenization requires encryption keys, which are often not created in compliance with corporate information protection policies or managed properly throughout their life cycle. And then there is the ownership paradox- data security and privacy are important to every team, yet no team owns it.
  • New regulatory obligations spring up faster than most organizations can respond, and data privacy policies and practices are not applied consistently and thoroughly. There is no visibility if tokenization has been applied across cloud and on-premises data sources, and it is hard to demonstrate compliance.
  • Data at rest and in transit is likely encrypted, but data in use is left vulnerable. When using decoupled KMS and tokenization solutions , key must be exported, leaving data vulnerable during the process. If keys are not stored in FIPS-certified Hardware Security Module (HSM), the door for potential breaches from malware, viruses, and unauthorized access remains open.
  • The business is growing. Data is growing. Legacy solutions cannot scale to meet expanding business needs, do not integrate well with modern, distributed applications, and become performance bottlenecks. To keep up with the speed of change, teams need automation and a rich inventory of ready-made integrations to integrate with different applications, environments, and SIEM tools.

4) Hear how Fortanix helps

Fortanix Data Security Manager(DSM) platform allows organizations to keep sensitive data across the enterprise secure, private, and compliant. Fortanix DSM is an industry-first data security and privacy SaaS platform, powered by Confidential Computing.

Fortanix DSM centralizes the administration of crypto operations from a single console, so you can mitigate data exposure risk, adhere to data privacy laws and regulations, maintain productinvity and scale operations to support business needs.

With Fortanix, customers can now:

  • Centralize keys, tokens, and policy management across the hybrid, multi-cloud IT infrastructure to simplify administration
  • Apply Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) early and once to allow the safe sharing of data between clouds and applications
  • Store keys in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM and execute operations in a secure enclave to encrypt data in use
  • Implement administrative safeguards and quickly customize tokenization rules for various data laws and regulations to enforce governance and compliance
  • Enable elastic scalability for high-performance applications with SaaS infrastructure
  • Support low-latency applications with a DSM accelerator
5) Catch a live demo

Seeing is believing. See how you can apply tokenization early and once, at the application to ETL/ELT level, and know that security travels with your data across the enterprise.

Mark your calendar, get your masks, and get ready for an epic event, the Fortanix Mask-arade on July 27th at 11 am PDT | 2 pm EDT

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