The Industry's First Data Masking and Tokenization SaaS Solution Gains Momentum with Adoption Across Fortune 500 and Global 2000 Customers

Expands Ecosystem With Support From World-Class Brands Including SAP and Imperva to Deliver Compelling Value to Joint Customers
SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 18, 2023

Fortanix® Inc., the innovative multi-cloud data security company and the pioneer of Confidential Computing, today announced significant new wins across categories, as well as expansion of its ecosystem with its new Fortanix Data Masking and Tokenization Solution , the industry's first SaaS offering of its kind powered by confidential computing. This solution addresses the escalating concerns around data breaches and expanding data privacy regulations faced by organizations worldwide. In addition, Fortanix has expanded its ecosystem to support the solution.

Built as a seamless extension to Fortanix's Data Security Manager (DSM) platform, the company's Data Masking and Tokenization Solution further cements Fortanix as an industry leader in data security; it allows existing SaaS key management customers to embrace data masking and tokenization while allowing new customers to start off with that as a standalone use-case. The benefits from the platform approach deliver greater business agility without compromising on security. The product's hallmark simplicity and scale serve as an "easy button" for integration into different cloud and application vendor solutions to make the entire value chain more seamless.

Fortanix’s differentiated solution has resulted in several marquee wins. A leading Global 500 luxury car manufacturer purchased the solution following significant due diligence to improve productivity and reduce business risk to secure industry-specific and customer data in their own private cloud. A Fortune 500 global logistics and delivery company turned to Fortanix for its data security modernization initiative to reduce its on-premises footprint and fortify security with a unified platform. And a leading U.S. financial institution has adopted Fortanix's SaaS solution to secure sensitive data at the application level before moving data to the cloud.

Data proliferation is a major challenge for the enterprise. The complexity of managing it and preventing communication in clear text or through unsanctioned channels is not easy due to the fragmentation of the security stack, siloed teams and global disparities in regulatory requirements. The Fortanix solution addresses these challenges head-on, making it easy to mask and tokenize sensitive data across multiple sources while adhering to disparate regulatory requirements and driving compliance.

"Our goal is to remove the mask off complexity and place it on data instead. The Fortanix SaaS solution is not just an industry-first – it's also built on the foundation of confidential computing that makes it inherently secure compared to anything else out there. It can truly become an easy button to secure sensitive data," said Anand Kashyap, CEO and co-founder of Fortanix. "I encourage CISOs, chief data officers, and application teams to test drive this and experience first-hand how easy it is to to anonymize sensitive data and PII data to reduce the impact of data breaches and enable safe data sharing and use across the enterprise."

Ecosystem Partner Endorsements

The innovative solution is already being used by some of the world's technology leaders, including strategic partners like SAP bringing in support for tokenization and detokenization scenarios within SAP Data Custodian, and add-on for SAP S/4 HANA. The integration allows SAP customers to de-identify sensitive and business-critical data across their ERP solutions to meet data privacy regulations and minimize data exposure.

“We are seeing an increased need among SAP customers to encrypt sensitive PII data leveraging our tokenization solution,” said Dr. Wasif Gilani, Head | CPO SAP Data Custodian. “We are excited to partner with Fortanix to help our SAP Data Custodian customers to secure their private and regulated data across the hybrid, multi-cloud IT landscape.”

“We built the Imperva and Fortanix data security partnership to help our mutual customers discover, classify, and secure their sensitive data - wherever it resides. With Imperva Data Security Fabric working with Fortanix Data Security Manager, our customers can enforce compliance and data privacy measures to tokenize and encrypt sensitive data at rest and in use," said Dan Neault, SVP & GM Imperva Data Security Business. “This end-to-end data protection capability helps our customers prevent sensitive data exposure and adhere to privacy laws, while realizing the greatest value from their data. It is exactly what our customers have been asking for.”

Building On Fortanix's Mission to Secure Data Wherever It Is

The Fortanix Data Security Manager Platform keeps sensitive data across the enterprise secure, private, and compliant. The unified data security and privacy platform centralizes the administration of crypto operations from a single SaaS console, so organizations can mitigate data exposure risk, adhere to data privacy laws and regulations, and scale operations to support business needs. In addition to the full featured DSM Enterprise edition, smaller mid-market enterprises could also use Fortanix DSM Explorer, the "free tier" version of the company's SaaS offering.

The Fortanix Tokenization offering brings in highly innovative capabilities including the ability to:

  • Consolidate and unify administration of keys, tokens and policies across hybrid, multi-cloud IT infrastructure with a single integrated platform to unify and secure crypto operations.
  • Manage keys with granular role-based access control (RBAC) and Quorum Approval to mitigate risk using Zero Trust principles and store keys in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs to fortify operations.
  • Implement and enforce administrative safeguards to adhere to various data laws and regulations across global regions.
  •  Apply format-preserving encryption (FPE) early to secure data upon generation or ingestion so it can travel safely across the enterprise.
  • Guarantee reliable operations with SaaS deployment and elastic scalability to accelerate innovation without compromising data confidentiality.
  • Counteract low latency with Fortanix’s DSM accelerator to enable high-performance processing of transactions for low-latency applications.

The Fortanix Mask-arade Event

Join Fortanix executives and partners on Thursday, July 27 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET in a free informative event that encourages you to put the mask on data and shows you how easy it is to tokenize sensitive data.  Register  here.

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