Customer Success Services for SaaS

Always-on support across the customer lifecycle

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Customer Success Services for SaaS


When it comes to cybersecurity there are millions of jobs unfulfilled and this problem gets acute with encryption and key management as more specialized skills are required. Due to the serious shortage of skills and trained personnel, it is becoming increasingly hard for enterprises to derive the best value out of their newly acquired data security solutions and are struggling to deploy the right security processes. At the same time, there has been a continuous uptick in data breaches and time to resolve security incidents has been increasing. The data security challenge for enterprises has now compounded.  

We understand these challenges faced by your enterprise. And that is why we have devised Fortanix Services to help our customers solve these challenges and create cyber resilience across their organization. Right from planning and implementation (PDI) to offering ongoing optimization and support, we cover entire customer lifecycle. Your business is of great value to us and we are committed to providing you with the entire range of services to succeed in the project.

Key Benefits

Training that helps your personnel become cybersecurity experts.

Delivered by our experts reducing risk and faster time-to-value.

Best practice deployment and recommendations to mitigate risks, increase performance and maximize business value.

Includes knowledge transfer and As-Built documentation.

Designed to provide proactive support. Assigned a designated pool of Customer Success Engineers.

Optimize performance of your solution to its highest capability.

Get strategic view on new features, roadmap helping you adopt new technology faster.

What we offer: Scope of services


Implementation package is designed to help our customers get started with Fortanix solution and get the required assistance to customize and deploy based on their IT environment and custom use cases.

  • Requirements gathering/solution workshop, and assistance with project planning.
  • Recommendation for design architecture best practices.
  • Cluster Implementation & Configuration.
  • Test and Validation of the Implementation.
  • Provide As-built documentation with architectural diagrams, configuration, and test results.
  • Support customers on a specific use case and/or includes custom development.
  • Typical use cases include Transparent Database Encryption, Secrets Management, Tokenization, Code Signing.
  • Post implementation support for 2 weeks.
  • Includes Basic training
  • Priced as a fixed-price service, based on number sites.
  • Implementation and Integration Services are also offered on a daily rate.


We equip your personnel with the skills and expertise required to manage the Fortanix platforms on a day-to-day basis and above all train them to become cybersecurity experts. Package includes 1- day Basic and 2-day advanced training.

  • Introduction to Data Security Manager
  • Understand the different security objects, policy coverage and configurable options such as Single Sign-On and Syslog integration
  • Price as a fixed price

  • Concepts Integrator
  • Learn how Data Security Manager integrates with the entire encryption stack.
  • Hands-on labs on integrating with Cloud KMS and Cloud native technologies.
  • Learn how to integrate with database and other native technologies.
  • Advanced Administration and a lot more!


Fortanix Support Program provides our customers with 24/7 access to our support engineers, latest software updates, fixes, and new feature releases. This allows an organization’s data security framework to stay current and always be on guard against data breaches and malicious attacks.

  • Support services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Configuration assistance


The Technical Account Management service offering is designed to provide proactive support, so your organization is prepared to take full advantage of your investment in Fortanix and help you attain your long-term business and technology objectives. As part of this offering, you will be assigned a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will be a Fortanix subject matter expert, advocate, and advisor.

The Technical Account Management services, activities, and deliverables include:

  • SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT FOR ALL PROJECTS, ISSUES, AND ESCALATIONS. Provides direct connections to expertise from product management, engineering, and services to help you succeed.
  • HOLDS REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROJECT PROGRESS AND RESULTS REVIEWS, providing operational status and key metrics to ensure activities are aligned with your stated business and technology objectives. Conducts Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)
  • PROVIDES BEST PRACTICES to identify optimization opportunities and periodic comparison of your processes to known industry best practices from our product teams and years of experience.
  • SOLUTION WORKSHOPS that provide next steps and outcome-based plans for building new use cases and taking them live
  • QUARTERLY PRODUCT FEATURE PREVIEWS AND TRAINING. TAM helps keep your team updated about what is coming up and trains your team to use new features and functionalities.

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