Can enterprise key management be integrated with existing systems?

Can enterprise key management be integrated with existing systems?

Enterprise key management (EKM) can be integrated with existing systems. Here are some general considerations and approaches:

Compatibility: Industry-standard encryption algorithms and key management protocols are typically compatible with databases, applications, storage systems, or cloud platforms.

API or SDK Integration: Many EKM solutions provide APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or SDKs (Software Development Kits) that allow developers to integrate the EKM functionality into their applications or systems.

Cryptographic Libraries: Some EKM solutions offer cryptographic libraries that provide an interface for performing encryption and decryption operations using keys managed by the EKM system. You can add encryption capabilities to your applications without significant code changes.

Encryption Proxy or Gateway: These intermediaries' function between applications and the underlying data storage or communication systems. They intercept encryption and decryption requests and then route them through the EKM solution for key management and cryptographic operations.

Vendor-specific Integration: These could include plugins, connectors, or extensions that facilitate integration with commonly used systems or platforms.