How does enterprise key management address cloud and multi-cloud environments?

How does enterprise key management address cloud and multi-cloud environments?

Here's how EKM addresses these challenges:

Centralized Key Management: Organizations can control from a single point to create and deploy consistent key management policies across multiple cloud providers.

Key Lifecycle Management: EKM ensures that keys are created securely, appropriately distributed to authorized entities, regularly rotated to mitigate risks, and promptly revoked when necessary.

Key Encryption: EKM Consider adopting Encryption as a Service and hardware security modules (HSMs) and HSM SaaS to store keys securely and protect them from unauthorized access or tampering.

Integration with Cloud Providers: EKM systems integrate with different cloud service providers' key management APIs, allowing organizations to leverage native key management capabilities provided by the cloud platform.

Key Isolation and Segregation: Organizations can establish separate cryptographic domains for each cloud provider. The keys remain securely stored, managed, and accessed within their respective domains. EKM ensures that keys used for different purposes or by different applications are kept separate to prevent unauthorized access.

Compliance and Auditability: EKM systems provide detailed audit logs and reports supporting compliance requirements that enable organizations to demonstrate key management practices, meet regulatory obligations, and easily undergo audits.

Scalability and Flexibility: EKM systems are designed to scale and adapt to the dynamic nature of multi-cloud environments. They can manage large volumes of keys and seamlessly add or remove cloud providers or services when needed.

Key Recovery and Backup: EKM systems often include key recovery and backup mechanisms. In case of key loss or accidental deletion, these systems allow authorized personnel to restore keys from backups or perform key recovery procedures, minimizing the risk of data loss.

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