How does HSM SaaS ensure the security of sensitive data?

How does HSM SaaS ensure the security of sensitive data?

HSM SaaS provides physical security devices designed to securely generate, store, and manage cryptographic keys, making it more difficult for unauthorized parties to access sensitive data.

The service provider manages the physical security of the devices and allows organizations to manage encryption keys.

Key management in HSM SaaS is accomplished through a combination of secure storage and controlled access to the encryption keys.

Access to the encryption keys is granted only after quorum approval, which involves a minimum consensus among authorized users.

HSM SaaS provides added security through secure communication protocols and access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can access the encryption keys.

The solution has strict policies and procedures for data management and backup, minimizing the risk of data loss. Regular security audits ensure that the sensitive information stored within the system is thoroughly protected.

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