What is multi-cloud key management?

What is multi-cloud key management?

Multi-cloud management includes full cryptographic key lifecycle management as a service to ensure secure and consistent key management across several cloud environments, including bring your own key (BYOK) and key management service (BYOKMS).

Organizations need a single point of control and management at scale across multiple public cloud and hybrid environments because it is complex to manage encryption, key management, secrets management, and tokenization in a unique way for every public cloud.

They can implement a Key Management System (with capabilities like BYOK) that can connect to clouds and set consistent policies across cloud environments from one single console.

A SaaS-based data security model is easier to integrate with apps, IT infrastructure, and services and requires no specialized skills for deployment.

Organizations can deploy a zero-trust architecture (ZTA) with quorum approval capabilities that ensure access to only authorized users to manage a particular data set and can microsegment the permissions granted for data access.

Organizations can achieve more control over their data and keys with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK). They can import the master key, which the cloud providers store in their key management system and encrypts all Data Encryption Keys (DEKs) under that key.

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