Fortanix Expands Operations in Asia Pacific Region to Continue Meeting Growing Global Demand for Data Security Solutions

New In-Region Staff and Growing Asia Pacific Channel Partner Program Enable Customers such as Human Managed to Improve On-Premises and Cloud Data Security while Lowering Costs
MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, June 16, 2020

Fortanix® Inc., the Runtime Encryption® company, today announced the expansion of its operations in the Asia Pacific region to continue meeting the growing global demand for its data security solutions.

The company has invested heavily in Asia Pacific, and today unveils a new in-region staff and a growing ecosystem of channel and distribution partners enabling Asia Pacific organizations to improve on-premises and cloud data security, all while lowering costs and reducing complexity of legacy systems.

Fortanix has opened a new office in Singapore to support its growing Asia Pacific customer base and attract local channel partners and distributors to its growing partner programs. The company recently named Gerry Sillars as Vice President Asia Pacific, who most recently ran Asia Pacific for Skybox Security. Already seeing significant interest and growth in the region, Fortanix now has customers in all focus geographies in the region.

“We were looking for a way to protect our expanding digital assets across multiple cloud environments and PaaS offerings,” said Saleem Javed, Founder & CTO at Human Managed, which is running Fortanix on the new Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing Platform.

Also he mentioned, “We selected Fortanix because of its simplified User Experience (UX) and ability to provide an integrated data security platform covering key management, hardware security modules, tokenization, and secrets management from an intuitive User Interface (UI). With the new Singapore presence, Fortanix is providing exceptional technical and sales support.”

Today, companies choose to keep sensitive data on-premises, missing out on advantages of scalable cloud processing. In some cases, data security is siloed between separate on-premises and public cloud systems.

Fortanix Self-Defending Key Management Service™ (KMS) provides a cloud-native data security platform with cryptographic services, shared secrets and tokenization across cloud and on-premises environments from a single centralized point of management and audit.

“Fortanix recognizes the significant opportunity that the Asia Pacific region represents, and we have made a significant early investment to support that opportunity and our global customers, creating a major initial footprint in the region,” said David Greene, CRO of Fortanix. “We have recruited an experienced team led by Gerry Sillars with a strong track record of successfully taking new cybersecurity technologies to the region to help us meet our aggressive revenue and growth goals.”

Fortanix has established a two-tier channel model to help it meet its aggressive revenue goals for Asia Pacific. The company has already signed distribution contracts with NextGen Distribution Australia; NextGen Distribution New Zealand; ACA Pacific covering Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore; Vietsoft covering Vietnam; i-Value covering India; and SAARC and Info-Works covering Korea.

Distribution agreements in Japan and the Philippines will be set soon. Fortanix also recently established a certification program for Value Added Resellers/Systems Integrators, with Solista of Australia being the first partner to have completed the program.

“ACA Pacific is very excited about being recently appointed as the regional distributor for Fortanix,” said Craig Gledhill, CEO at ACA Pacific. “We believe the solutions and technology Fortanix provides will transform the data security segment. This transformation will allow customers to deploy and manage encryption technology more cost effectively with no compromise on security capabilities. For ACA Pacific’s partner community, Fortanix will provide them with the opportunity to give their customers a solution to a technology area that has seen little innovation in many years.”

“The requirement for data encryption runs deep within the region across all verticals; more so now than ever as perimeter dissolution has been realized through rapid adoption of work from home models,” said James Walters, business manager at NEXTGEN Distribution. “The Fortanix solution denies any opportunity for data to be exposed – addressing the ‘encryption gap’ which has, until now, been a key threat vector.

The Fortanix web-scale architecture delivers high scalability and availability, allowing the solution to be adopted across all networks regardless of complexity. Fortanix has been key to strengthening NEXTGEN’s security portfolio. It was purposefully targeted with NEXTGEN’s advanced enterprise security distribution strategy as a key vendor, enabling us to provide a cohesive security fabric, underpinned by a ZTX framework, thus empowering our partner community to transform security across organizations within the region.”

About Fortanix Asia Pacific Channel Partner Program

Fortanix is recruiting partners across all Asia Pacific regions and provides an opportunity for partners to offer new innovative data security solutions to their customer base, while creating new revenue streams. 

About Fortanix

Fortanix unlocks the power of organizations’ most valuable data by securing it throughout its lifecycle, on premises and in the cloud. Fortanix provides unique deterministic security by encrypting applications and data everywhere – at rest, in motion, and in use with its Runtime Encryption® technology built upon Intel® SGX. Fortanix secures F100 customers worldwide and powers IBM Data Shield and Equinix SmartKey™ HSM-as-a-service. Fortanix is venture backed and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

Additional Partner Quotes:

Joshua Kim, CEO at Info-Works, a Fortanix partner in Korea: “Most Korean financial organizations struggle with strengthening the security of their data. Fortanix delivers the most comprehensive commercial data security solution.

In Korea, there is a high market share of various HSM solutions, but Fortanix is the only company we have seen that provides critical key lifecycle management functionality, tokenization, secrets and HSM gateway security with the ability to scalable for large enterprise organizations. With Fortanix and through the Intel SGX platform, we can build unified cryptographic services that meet the Korean government’s recommendations.”

Rob Cipriani, CEO at Cloudburst Australia: “The Fortanix Self-Defending Key Management Service is impressive in its ability to protect at the application level, ensuring that any network compromise does not leave sensitive data exposed.

It provides a flexible approach to key management and data protection, removing the dependence on legacy hardware and vendor lock-in. The partner sentiment from Fortanix has been strong from day one. Fortanix continues to deliver a strong focus on communicating with and educating our team along every step of the way – this is a true partnership geared toward commitment and success.”

Noel Allnutt, CEO at Solista: “We see a growing demand for increased protection of sensitive data, since customers are creating more value from their data and that data is being stored in more locations across multiple cloud and SaaS offerings.

Having a single platform for encryption and key management has never been so important. The Fortanix solutions are identified as innovation enablers compared to the legacy way of holding back innovation due to cumbersome architectures and traditional approaches to encryption.

Our goal at Solista is to create platforms that our clients onboard to deliver world-class customer experience and create a competitive advantage. We see Fortanix doing exactly that, while future-proofing our clients’ data protection.

Fortanix buys into our mentality of less overhead, less management and radical simplification of typically tough outcomes. We have seen a very proactive and collaborative approach from Fortanix. Fortanix provides a vehicle for growth and delivering on the promise of utilizing next-generation solutions that we make available to our customers.”

Stanley Luong, CEO at VietSoft Visions (VSV): “Fortanix is an excellent solution when migrating between on-premises and the cloud. Fortanix is differentiated in securing movement of data and application data, and with it our customers will have peace of mind of knowing wherever their data is and even if the underlying infrastructure is compromised, their data is still being protected.

We look forward to working with our channel partners, system integrators and our marketing team to actively promote Fortanix to our growing customer base and integrating Fortanix into our suite of security solutions for protecting our customers’ precious data.”

Ryan Mistry, COO at Zirilio: “The ability to manage encryption of data across multiple platforms is becoming an increasingly important requirement, and Fortanix makes this simple to achieve. As data moves from traditional environments to a more hybrid approach on multiple cloud platforms, it is important to ensure security and visibility.

We see two critical differentiators with Fortanix – the ability to encrypt data in use and the agility of deploying HSM relatively simply. Increasingly, our customers are moving to hybrid cloud models and Fortanix’s unified HSM and key management capabilities ensure our customers’ applications are encrypted in any cloud environment.

The ability to offer our customers encryption as a service and have predictability of costs is an important factor in partnering with Fortanix. Fortanix is providing a great level of support and training through the onboarding process. Fortanix’s solution complements Zirilio’s suite of security solutions, ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers.”

Harsh Marwah, Chief Growth Officer at iValue Infosolutions: “In this era of liberated data – across public, private, multi-cloud and on-premises – Fortanix’s capability to deliver a single pane of glass for audit and management of cryptographic services and tokenization across all platforms is unique.

Compelling technology from Fortanix not only secures data security at rest and on move, but it also secures data in use. Fortanix’s ability to address customers’ increasing issues around data security without compromising performance makes it extremely relevant in today’s times. We at iValue are excited to partner with Fortanix, one of the most innovative and comprehensive technology companies.”

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